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Samish packing list

This is the detailed list to use in the weeks ahead of Samish to be sure everything is ready.

The day of Samish, use the Checklist of Boxes

Zabuton, Zafu, Benches, Support Cushions

Registrar should have a spreadsheet laying out how many are being borrowed

At 2012 Samish we took: 30 zafu, 30 zabuton, 10 support cushions, 2 benches which nearly filled Tim's camper trailer.  

Camper trailer packing note: cushions filled up the bed section and then altar tables in the standing section. Worked well and no danger of junk shifting around. Nothing was packed on the kitchen counters.


Small folding table with short legs for jukai/ordinations/special ceremonies

3 tray tables for practice discussion and dokusan altars.
(maple tables not needed anymore)

Altar table and kobako table in front of it and the half-size Tatami they sit on
and two small tables for Manjushri and Avalokitesvara

Lamps Box (need 7 lamps total)           

3 round rattan-style table lamps (used on the floor),

1 black extension cord with multi-prong end

Clip on LED lectern light for evening talks (check batteries)

(Note: we own a 4th lamp which lives in it’s original cardboard box)  

Spare lightbulbs

at Dharma Hall: box in basement storage               

Samish Island sesshin: 4 to Zendo (2 on table under bulletin board, 2 on floor either side of room, 1 to each of 3 Dokusan/Practice Discussion rooms                

2nd Lamps Box    

3 lamps              


Trays Box   

6 rectangular bamboo/plastic/rattan serving trays (6 largest trays, nice to make a better list here to be sure)

(note: round lacquerware tray is in Tea Box)   

at Dharma Hall: box in basement, trays on downstairs white shelves              

Samish Island sesshin: toTea preparation area (Nurse’s station at Samish)                   


Tea Box  -

4 tea pots (2011 + 2012 we used the 4 stainless steel kettles, big enough but don't pour well, to do for 2013 is to find something better)

teacher’s cup (was green celadon with lid, now blue?),

1 tea cups for each participant 

1 pair scissors,  paper napkins,  muffin cups,

round lacquerware tray,  4 white dish towels

plastic box of black server’s napkins

tea for sesshin (1 box / day),   1 pair clackers,

Soku’s Instructions (instructions for the head server)              

at Dharma Hall:  box in basement, cups in cabinet below tea area, pots in other cabinet downstairs                               

Samish Island sesshin: to Tea preparation area (Nurse’s station at Samish): note Trays Box needed here also.                       


Dokusan Box

1 Buddha (or use Kanzeon brought by Michael Newton)

brown indoor extension cord, small incense bowl (white),

cup for spent matches (white), black napkin, full box incense,

votive candle holder, votive candles (1 per day), candle snuffer, matches,

sand for incense bowl (in round plastic container), Vajra hand bell,

medium sized flower vase        

at Dharma Hall:   box in upstairs storage         

Samish Island sesshin: to Dokusan room

note: altar table & lamp (Lamps Box) also needed                    


Practice Discussion Box 

2 Buddhas (bring a spare in case another room has to be broken out)

brown indoor extension cord, small incense bowl (white),

2 cups for spent matches (white), 3 black napkins, 3 full boxes incense, 

2 votive candle holders, votive candles (3 x 1 per two days), 

2 candle snuffers, 3 full books matches,

sand or ash for incense bowls (in round plastic container),

2 small flower vases         

at Dharma Hall:   box in upstairs storage          

Samish Island sesshin: to Practice Discussion rooms

note: altar table (folding tray table) & lamp (Lamps Box) also needed                   


Dining Hall Box

Buddha, small incense bowl (white), cup for spent matches (white),

black napkin, full box incense,

votive candle holder, votive candles (1 per two days), candle snuffer, matches, sand for incense bowl (in round plastic container),

small flower vase,  1 chant card per participant, plus 1 for the Ino   

at Dharma Hall:   box in basement storage, chant cards in upstairs storage plastic drawers               

Samish Island sesshin: to Dining Hall

note: altar table also needed                            


Main Altar Moving Box       

round plastic container of incense ash for kobako,

round plastic container of chip incense for kobako,

round plastic contain of incense ash for round incense bowl,

brass candle holder for large altar candle,

votive candle in holder for work candle,

kobako (brown wood chip incense burner) wrapped in bubble wrap,

round dark grey incense bowl wrapped in bubble wrap,

candle snuffer, incense (short & long), spent matches cup,

small plastic yogurt container for charcoal,

timekeeper’s clock,   main altar Buddha

[remember to empty drawer into this box before moving altar table]              

at Dharma Hall:   box in basement storage, most items in zendo            

Samish Island sesshin: to Zendo                           


Ino’s Files Box

Nokebooks for Doan, Kokyo, Tenken

Clipboards: Sitting Absence Notification

Hall Seating Chart

at Dharma Hall   in office              

Samish Island sesshin: to Zendo                          


Office Supplies Box

scissors, masking tape, electrical tape, labels, push pines, index cards,

wooden stand for holding a deceased person’s name on the altar,

pens, caligraphy pen, post-its, notepads for “message stations”         

at Dharma Hall:    in office                   

Samish Island sesshin: to Zendo                            


Altar Cleaning Box

2 strainers, large plastic yogurt tub, box of knives,

spoons, paper towels, small whisk broom with dust pan (black),

scissors, trash bags      

at Dharma Hall:  box in upstairs storage      

Samish Island sesshin: to Zendo                                     


Instruments Box

large bell for zazen timing & purple cushion,

large bell for service & blue and red cushion,

inkin for processions (bell with handle, metal striker),

inkin for timekeeper (bell with handle, wooden striker),

mokugyo (fish drum) & orange and red cushion,

small bell for service & black and red brocade cushion,

small bell not in use (stays at Dharma Hall),

2 pairs clackers (plus 1 more pair in Tea Box for Soku’s use, 1 pair left at Dharma Hall)          

wake-up bell

at Dharma Hall: box in basement storage               

Samish Island sesshin: to Zendo (leave small bell not in use and one set clackers behind for Dharma Hall use while we’re gone)                              


Chant Books Tub 

Tub (labeled last year I think) with at least one book per participant.

Altar Supplies Box       

incense in plastic box (long & short stick incense + chip incense),

charcoal for kobako, large pillar candles, votive candles,

votive candle holders, matches in plastic box,

taper candles and holders,

extra main altar incense bowl (wrapped in bubble wrap),

wooden stick incense holder    

at Dharma Hall:  box in upstairs storage      

Samish Island sesshin: to Zendo                


Digital Recorder Box

Small Sony digital recorder, extra AAA batteries

at Dharma Hall:              

Vestry area shelves – (but Tim often takes home)                     

Samish Island sesshin: Zendo         


2Partitions &  4 Feet

Bring two fabric partitions from storage plus 4 feet (2012 we stole the feet from zendo partitions, it would be nice to make 4 more)

Spare Blankets Box

kept above futons in storage

bring as many as available, they will be used. Sweaters and sheets good too.

Hygine Box

Facial tissue

hand sanitizer

feminine hygiene products

(not taken to Samish)                   

Extra Candles Box

extra candles – only keep 6 pillar and 24 votive candles in

Altar Supplies Box, rest of candles in this box             

at Dharma Hall: basement storage?          

Samish Island sesshin: do not bring                          


Main Files Box (recommission into file cabinet?)

main filing system for the Zen Group:

notes on past retreats, meeting minutes, job descriptions, policies, history     

at Dharma Hall:     upstairs?         

Samish Island sesshin: do not bring                          


Mailings Box

stamps, envelopes, mailing supplies    

at Dharma Hall: downstairs white shelves?          

Samish Island sesshin: do not bring

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