Annual Calendar Overview

See the Events page for what's upcoming at Red Cedar Zen Community. This page and those "below" it provide a high level overview of the usual annual sequence of events to help you get oriented. 

Mid-January through mid-March is our annual Winter Practice Period. There is a one-day retreat towards the beginning and a 3-day sesshin towards the end. The Practice Period includes extra classes such as our 4-week Introduction to Zen Meditation course and a course taught by that year's Shuso (Head Students).

On the first Saturday of the month April through October we generally have Sangha Work Days.

From early April through October we hold a series of Zen Hiking Retreats which range from a short walk to a week long backpack.

In Spring or Fall (it's a bit in motion at the moment) we hold a weekend Study Retreat on a traditional Buddhist text.

In the middle of June we hold our annual 7-day (8 night) Summer Sesshin at Samish Island Campground (often referred to in the sangha as simply "Samish") this is led by our Founding Teacher Zoketsu Norman Fischer.

In early Fall, usually mid-September, we are hosted by our sister sangha Seattle Soto Zen in a 5-day sesshin at Indianola Campground on the Kitsap Peninsula. 

During the first week of December we hold our 4-day Rohatsu Sesshin.

Throughout the year the core of what we do is regular schedule of zazen meetings -see the Weekly Schedule.

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