2012 Annual Sangha Meeting

Red Cedar Zen Annual Meeting Minutes - January 7, 2012

10:00 am - 12 noon

Following a brief bowing-in led by spiritual director Tim Burnett, board president Jeff McKenna welcomed everyone and asked for topics or questions from participants to include in the meeting agenda.  There being none at that time, we moved on to the prepared agenda, as follows.  Questions and suggestions then came up as we proceeded to address the agenda topics.

  • Program and Practice review and plan for 2011.  Tim noted that our regular program now includes zazen at noon three days a week (plus an informal noon sit on Tuesdays); the Wednesday evening program and the Saturday morning program every week; orientations every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm. In 2011 we had our winter practice period with a shuso; special events; study groups; New Year's Eve ceremony; eight retreats; Introduction to Zen classes 3 times; nature programs (hikes, old growth ceremony); inter-sangha retreats with the Seattle Soto Zen group and Mountain Rain in Vancouver.
  • These programs will continue into 2012, and in addition, we will add a Saturday morning public program on the first Saturday of each month; an expanded hiking retreat-around Mt. Rainier-and a Alaskan kayaking adventure.
  • Members also suggested ideas for new programs and practices: some one-day hikes locally; more opportunities to share one-on-one on practice questions; a program in which we can share practice stories with each other; more opportunities for body-scan meditation and posture instruction.
  • Financial Report. Talus Latona walked us through the budget plan for 2012, which projects our income at $75,060 and our expenses at $67,848; with a net margin of $7212 of income over expenses.  We are very pleased that we have a good chance of being in the black throughout 2012.
  • Membership Report. Kate McKenna reported that our recent membership drive      was successful.  We now have 53 members and 15 friends, with $21,177 in pledges.  Kate read aloud the names of all members and friends and thanked everyone for their support and participation.
  • Volunteer Opportunities. Edie Norton asked people to consider volunteering for any job or committee they have an interest in (see the organization chart, located on the bulletin board next to the office, downstairs).  Of particular need are a few more people to do Wednesday evening orientations; also we need to organize several people to do the Chiden role (altar cleaning). Marti will help organize a schedule for people now trained to be Chiden.
  • Website and Technology.  Tim told us about our updated webpage and demonstrated how to use it.  Our thanks to Jay Allen who did this work for us and also to Terry Thompson for his ongoing technical support.
  • Bodhisattva Volunteer Opportunity.  Edie described a community program, C.A.S.T., that is seeking a few new volunteers.  This program prepares sandwiches and hot soup and coffee for Bellingham's homeless and indigent, offering these meals four evenings a week.  Food is stored and prepared at the Faith Lutheran Church (off Northwest and McLeod).  Six or seven faith groups and other organizations participate in the program, which has been in existence for 10 years.  Individuals volunteer one to two hours a month for one of three tasks: Purchasing food supplies; making sandwiches and hot drinks; delivering and serving the food at the Interfaith Clinic on Unity St. downtown.  More details can be found on the RCZC web site; members and friends interested in volunteering in this program can contact Edie for more information.



 Edie Norton, Board Secretary

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