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RCZC Board Minutes 12.03.2008

Red Cedar Zen Board of Directors

meeting minutes                                                                                       Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

In attendance: Jeff McKenna (President), Tim Burnett (Spiritual Director), Greg Greenan (Treasurer), Brian Davidson (Secretary)

encouraging words

full value contract

We commit:

  • to maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional safety
  • to working together to foster both group and individual goals; giving the group what it needs and individuals what they need.
  • to speaking and listening fearlessly to one another and fully talking things through.

review agenda and set time limits

Our Guest’s Business

Marti Bartlett:

Marti dropped in to give a financial report which is as follows:

We have about $23,500.00 between all three accounts. In November, we received $300.00 in bridge fund donations. In December, we received another $565.00, but it has not yet been deposited. Membership donations came to $1,200.00 in November. The membership drive resulted in some additional “Friends of Red Cedar,” although some former “members” became “friends.” BIMS followed through with another $800.00 and RCZC did as well with $1,200.00. The electric bill went up to $140.00.

Our Old Business

Financial Crises:

Jeff provided a framework for looking at our financial situation.

                        1. Increase external income

                        2. Increase internal income,

                        3. Decrease rent, and

                        4. Relocation options

The group addressed what we have already done:

  • Written and sent the letter requesting donations for a bridge fund
  • Koell Bodhi organized a list of potential renter contacts.
  • Advertised in the Co-Op newsletter
  • Added the rental agreement to the web site
  • BIMS doubled their contribution
  • November membership drive      


  • #4: Relocation options, as an agenda item will be placed on hold
  • Next meeting The Board will examine membership numbers from the November drive.

action: The Secretary will draft  a letter for potential renters and send it out for review. This letter will be stuffed in envelopes by a workgroup and sent out to the contacts compiled by Koell.

action: Tim to provide copies of the lease so we can start to think about how to proceed with landlord

The Vice President Hole:

The group addressed the VP hole in The Board. The President is working with the VP workgroups until a VP emerges though these workgroups are also lacking in participants. The group noted that The Welcome group is functioning well.

action: The Secretary will e-mail the sangha about the VP search emphasize the need for female representation. The e-mail will also include a request for participation in the Sustainability and Outreach workgroups

Process Review for Workgroups:

Jeff noted that he made it around to all of the Workgroups that had meetings so that he could reinforce the Full Value Contract and process guidelines. The group responded favorably and agreed to continue emphasizing the contract in their workgroup meetings. Jeff also submitted a “Change Chart”

decision: The Change Chart will be reviewed at the next meeting.   

Our New Business

BIMS Representative:

The group addressed the need to develop open communication between the Board and BIMS. Carolyn Kingsbury has been the contact at BIMS.

decision: The Secretary will be the conduit to BIMS through Carolyn. The Secretary will bring business from BIMS to the Board when necessary.

action: The Secretary will contact Carolyn and offer to act as the conduit to the Board.

BIMS Name Change Proposal

decision: Moved to next meeting

Web Site Clarity:

The Group discussed that there is some confusion as to what each piece of RCZC technology is used for.

decision: RCZC needs a quick guide to our technology

action: The Secretary will bring the request to the Technology Workgroup

Membership Drive Celebration:

The Board would like to have a gathering, celebrating the Membership Drive.

decision: at the next meeting the Board will be compiling membership data for presentation at the celebration.

decision: At the next meeting, The Board will set a mid January date for the celebration.



The library is done and all of the books will be moved this weekend at the work party.

Our Workgroups

Spiritual Director:

Tim handed out an organizational/contact sheet on the Zendo & Programs Workgroups which is also available on our Wiki. Tim said he'd combined Zendo and Programs into one but then divided them among areas of work within that broader workgroup.

action: Tim will provide a small version of the organizational chart


Greg noted that at the Workgroup meeting they did not have all of the numbers they needed, so they just discussed the process, which went well. Their next meeting is on the 15th of December, where they will draft a budget.

action: Greg: compile membership / bridge fund financial data from Marti and/or Kathy 


Jeff said he is looking at the line that is drawn between the VP,  President, and the Workgroups. He is now working with the Welcome Group. There will be a Welcoming Training in the near future.


The Technology Workgroup added a search bar on the RCZC website. Brian discussed Mary Apple’s ideas on sangha communication which revisited the NING idea, and opened a discussion about mentoring. Mentoring would involve willing and qualified members to take on new members as mentors in order to explain the forms and sangha organization, and to support their budding practice. A potential mentor would receive guidance from a teacher. New members would be introduced to the mentors, and could request one if desired.

decision: The Board would review the idea and discuss it at the next meeting.

meeting reflection

on relationships, process, values and mission

of good value

out of time


out of time

upholding the contract                                                       

out of time

sangha on the horizon

out of time


next assembly: Wednesday, January 7th 2009

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