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August 2011 Minutes

Red Cedar Zen Board of Directors                         Meeting - August 3, 2011                       

Board Minutes                                                                                   

PRESENT: Jeff, Tim, Talus, Edie                        Joan excused


encouraging words

full value contract

We commit:

  • to maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional safety
  • to working together to foster both group and individual goals; giving the group what it needs and individuals what they need.
  • to speaking and listening fearlessly to one another and fully talking things through.

            review agenda and set time limits

 Our Guest's Business (none)

 Old Business

1. Organization Chart and Volunteers.  We discussed the most recent iteration of the organization chart that Tim has updated per our suggestions.  With just a few more tweaks, it is ready for printing on a large chart and will be posted on the office door; smaller copies will be posted in the lobby.

We are continuing to look at ways we can distribute volunteer responsibilities to more people so as to equalize the burden and engage more participants.  To that end, board members will continue to invite individuals to take on specific tasks as they come up. 

We also want to acknowledge our newer members' volunteer efforts and will do so through email and in announcements following Wednesday evening zazen.  We welcome their participation.

2. Lease Agreement.  All parties-RCSC, BIMS, and landlord Riaz-have agreed orally to the new lease agreement ($2200 per month with a 2% annual increase to begin October 1, 2012; until that date, we will continue our current monthly lease payment of $2520).  The next step is for everyone to sign the lease agreement statement.

Regarding Shambala's interest in exploring use of our facility, the board decided that sharing with BIMS plus various rental groups is as much capacity as we have for the present.  Tim will speak with Ann Davidge of Shambala and extend the invitation to that group to use our facility as occasional renters if that would be helpful to them.

Talus will update BIMS' existing lease to reflect the agreement for the duration of the current year and the coming years.

New Business

1. Tax-exempt Status. The Finance Committee meets on Tuesday, August 9, with Linda Booth, BIMS officer, to learn how they made their 501c(3) application.

2. Financial Report.  RCZC netted $5200 from the Samish sesshin-down a little from last year because facility expenses were higher this year.

The June RCZC income/expense totals and finance committee meeting notes have been posted on our website under Workgroups > /Finance Workgroup.

3. Building/Facility Management. The Finance Committee will invite Alborz to meet to review our rental system to see if there are ways to improve receipts of rent payments and emergency contacts for renters when they can't make the door locks work.

4. Quarterly Potlucks.  The potluck at Talus and Dianne's was a great success with 15 - 16 people participating and enjoying their farm and wonderful yaks.  The next quarterly potluck will be sometime in October-Anyone like to volunteer his/her home?  Please let us know.

meeting reflection

on relationships, process, values and mission

of good value


upholding the contract

sangha on the horizon

Meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm.  NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, Sept. 7, 5:00 pm, RCZC


Edie Norton, Secretary

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