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March 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Red Cedar Zen Board of Directors Meeting – March 13, 2013
Board Minutes
PRESENT:  Jeff, Tim, Talus

encouraging words
full value contract
We commit:
  • to maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional safety
  • to working together to foster both group and individual goals; giving the group what it needs and individuals what they need.
  • to speaking and listening fearlessly to one another and fully talking things through.
review agenda and set time limits

Old Business
1. The Sanctuary Garden 
The Sanctuary Garden project seems to be stuck and is in debt for about $1500 for materials delivered. Additional funding of about $1500 dollars beyond retiring this debt is required to purchase the materials to continue. The board recognizes that the garden was originally planned as a project of the Majestic Dharma Forest with coordination and labor support but not financial commitment from Red Ceder Zen Community. However, the next phase of this project seems to be dependent on leadership from Red Cedar. 

Funds will not be taken from the general fund, but the board is investigating targeted fundraising. This next phase includes placement of pavers, completion of the stream and irrigation systems, and initial planting.

New Business
1. Board Positions
John Wiley is willing to fill the vacant Secretary board position. The board supports his offer and requests input from the sangha. If you have input please email Board President or speak with Jeff on Wednesday night.

The Vice President board position is still vacant. The board requests that sangha members to consider volunteering.

2. Tenzo's Report. 
Outgoing Tenzo Edie Norton provided cost data on retreat meals over the last two years. The board noted that meals cost about 
$1.00 to $2.50 per individual meal. This is impressive economy and we are grateful for her direction of such high quality cooking.  [See Tenzo's Report in Appendix]

3. Membership Coordinator's Report. 
There are 38 pledged members and 22 friends. The total dollars pledged is $19605, remarkably close to total received from Members and Friends last year of $19245, and exceeding the 2013 budget's plan for $17,000 received from members and friends. Number of members is down from last year, though several former members are now pledging as friends, and several members have increased their pledges (thank you!).

The board deeply thanks the members and friends for their ongoing support. 

 Acting Membership Coordinator Edie Norton has requested support from the technology committee in simplifying the membership tracking. Volunteer need noted here as well: we are looking for a new Membership Coordinator to track member donations. We hope the simplified system, once in place, will make this job easier.

4. Zendo Schedule & Clear Communication ("conflict resolution") Planning. 
Current planning by Spiritual Director Tim and the Practice Committee is to expand the weekly dharma talks being presented last year by including all of our resident teachers. The next focus will be an examination of the precepts. This will support several members who are preparing for Jukai and it will also provide a platform for developing the sangha's planned Clear Communication (Conflict) guidelines. Board President Jeff is continuing to coordinate with Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center to investigate services they offer. John Wiley also collecting information in the context of the intersangha leadership group.

5. The new "Zen CSA". Sanga member Dave Lynch is expanding his garden and proposes to bring in boxes of vegetables which would be made available to people in exchange for donations to Red Cedar. The board is inspired by Dave's energy and enterprise and thanks him for his willingness to do this. Produce, flowers, and other farm goodness will be brought to the Dharma Hall and available for pick up on Saturday mornings and other times. More news soon.

Board Thank-you’s to Volunteers.  The board is always grateful to our volunteers, who keep us going month after month, but this month we especially thank:
Soup cook ahead Cooks for March retreat--Valerie, John, Dave
Cookies/other treats during practice period - Dave
Food buyer - Georgia
Floral arrangements - Elizabeth C.

meeting reflection
on relationships, process, values and mission
of good value
upholding the contract
sangha on the horizon

As is traditional during Practice Period, the board will not meet in February, and the March date is yet to be decided.


Talus Latona & Tim Burnett, Acting Co-Secretaries


1. Sesshin and Kitchen expenses, starting with March 2012 sesshin--

        Kitchen equipment                               $417.
        Food for March '12 sesshin              $477.   (45 people, 3 days)  $1.76/meal
        Food for Oct. '12 retreat                       $193.   (20 people, 2 days)  $2.45/meal
        Food for Dec. '12 Rohatsu               $197.   (30 people, 3 days - 3 meals each day)  $1.09/meal
        Kitchen equipment                               $ 58.
        Food for Jan. '13 sesshin               $47.    (20 people, 1 day--used frozen leftovers)  $1.17/meal
        Food for Mar. '13 sesshin               $371.   (40 people, 3 days - 2 meals/day)   $1.54/meal

2. Membership (as of March 8, 2013)

        38 Members pledged 
            * had ~50 previous year 
            * 6 - 7 moved from Member to Friend category this year (due to distance or level of involvement)
        22 Friends pledged

        Total of 60 pledging Members and Friends. Thank you!

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