Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Red Cedar Zen Board of Directors Meeting – November 6, 2013

Board Minutes PRESENT:  John, Tim, Jeff   Absent:  Talus

encouraging words
full value contract

We commit:
  • to maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional safety

  • to working together to foster both group and individual goals; giving the group what it needs and individuals what they need.

  • to speaking and listening fearlessly to one another and fully talking things through.

review agenda and set time limits

Old Business:

 1. All materials are ready for the annual appeal.  A page on our website will be created for the appeal and it will be possible to make a donation via the website.  There will also be an email sent out with pictures and a report on our activities during the year.  Thank-you cards will be mailed to those who make a donation.  Thanks to Ken and Matt for their work on this. 

2.  The clear communication document is available for review.  Paper copies are in the lobby.  If you have comments or suggestions, please make notes on the hard copy and give them to Tim.  We are considering a new title for the packet (currently working with difficulties) so if you have suggestions, please write them down as well.  We would like to present a revised copy at the annual meeting Saturday January 4th 10:00am-12:30pm, so please have your comments in by December 15th.  We appreciate Edie Nortons work on this document over the summer.

New Business

 1.  Valerie Davenport will be rotating out of the clerk position at the end of January.  We are looking for a replacement.  If you are interested, contact Valerie, John or Talus.

2.  We are trying to fill the accontant position via an internship through Whatcom Community College.   This would be 3-4 hours per week and take over Marti's accounting work.  Marti would be available to train any qualified applicants.  The board really appreciates Marti's many years of service. 


3.  Mindfulness Northwest has periodic retreats during the year and will request ahead of time to borrow the Dharma Hall cushions.  The group has been using the hall for several months and pays rent.



Next board meeting  Wednesday December 4th  5:30pm



respectfully submitted     John Wiley    secretary

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