Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington


Present: John, Tim, Marti, Edie

Absent: Chris

Visitors: None

Old Business:

1. Software issues:

A. The transfer of data to WildApricot should be complete by the end of summer and there will be training to use the new system in the fall.

B. We discussed the possibility of reducing the size of our email list in order to lower our monthly bill at Wild Apricot. We will send out an email announcement to all on the list asking if they want to continue receiving announcements from Red Cedar. Those who don't respond can be archived and added back to the email list at a later date if they wish. We want to complete gathering information from people in our database by the end of July so that the board has time to make the final decision on whether or not we should pay for Wild Apricot services two years in advance as is their offer now that they have raised our monthly fee by $30.00 extra/month. John will email Tim and Terry requesting that they take on this task.

C. Membership pledges and payments. The new system will notify the membership coordinator when pledged payments are missed. The membership coordinator can then decide whether to send out a personal email inquiry or use an automatic notice, and can also choose when to send these messages.

2. Sangha Stewards: There have been no new nominations for sangha stewards. On Wednesday June 17th, we will have a sangha conversation about sangha stewards and our process of clear communication and resolving differences.

New Business:

1. Edie met with the BIMS president---John Graber-- to discuss requested changes in building use we recently added, and to hear any issues/concerns BIMS has in that area. There will be regular communication as needed in that area and we will work with BIMS as part of negotiating the new lease.

2. Twice a year, each board member will give a report on the workgroup he/she assists. Edie will organize a schedule for these reports.

3. The board began to review a chart of all volunteer workgroups. This review will continue in the July meeting, and Edie will make a copy of the chart so sangha members can see the different areas to volunteer, who is active in the workgroups, and what groups need volunteers.

4. Board members began the process of writing job descriptions for each position. We will continue this work over the next few meetings.

Next meeting Wednesday July 15th 5:30pm

respectfully submitted John Wiley

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