Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Red Cedar Zen - Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

DATE: March 6, 2019,  5:30 PM

PRESENT: Bob Rose (incoming Board President), Tuli Candela (incoming Vice President), Chris Patton (Member-at-large), Bernadette Prinster (incoming Treasurer), Tim Burnett (ex-officio), Ken Oates (ex-officio)

ABSENT: Hannah Sullivan (incoming Secretrary)

VISITORS: Judith Koontz (Registrar) and Terrill Thompson (Membership Committee)

Bob Rose opened the meeting by inviting a word from Tim; who welcomed us all and honored not only our service but all the Red Cedar volunteers who serve. 

Old Business

Treasurer update: 

Bernadette discussed the current situation with replacing the bookkeeper who moved to California, and updating financial records and preparing a 2019 budget. Bernadette and John Wiley (the RC Finance Committee) replaced the past bookkeeper with Ed Wayt who will be both bookkeeper and technical advisor/trainer for volunteers who use Wild Apricot and other computer programs. Ed’s immediate tasks will be cleaning, updating and simplifying financial records. He will also help us look at more efficient ways for our computer programs to interface with each other. Ed was hired as an independent contractor on a six month contract, working 7-10 hours per week including regular office hours on Wednesdays just before service. 

Ken Oates reminded the Board that he has the paperwork ready to open an account with TD Ameritrade, an action that was delayed until the Treasurer position was filled last fall. The Board will need to determine an amount to invest and the risk profile we want to set up. 

Lease Update:

Bob and Tim met with the landlord in January to verify his interest in extending the current lease that expires in 9/20. The landlord verified his willingness to extend the current lease to 5 years and confirmed that the family has no interest in selling the property. We now have that stability for our current situation. Bob is working with the commercial realtor, Jim Sands to craft a long term lease with the lowest possible rent increases and add discussion with the landlord regarding the long list of building improvements Red Cedar has put into his building over the years of our tenancy.  Jim Sands thinks our current rent of $2600/month is a fair market rent for our neighborhood at this time. Bob will communicate with BIMS regarding the landlord’s willingness to extend the current lease. 

Membership Update:

To educate the Board on Membership, Terrill described the workflow and role of the membership workgroup (Terrill and Desiree). He presented the annual Membership report that he will also present at the Sangha meeting March 16. This report notes growth of membership from 2016, how members pay and indicates their interest in volunteer work groups. The Board discussed the complexities of managing new and ongoing memberships and Terrill noted that his workload is nearing the end in terms of being sustainable as a volunteer position. This is an area where Ed Wayt will become involved in the near future to assess ways to reduce the load on Terrill and Desiree.   Wild Apricot is initiating a service system fee of 20% which will begin in September of this year. We currently pay $1728 per year and that will increase $345 if we do not switch to their payment system. The Board discussed this and other Wild Apricot issues such as how to automate some membership related tasks available with this website platform but more discussion time is needed to focus on this. 

Sangha Meeting Planning

In the time remaining, Bob led a brief discussion about the March 16 Annual Sangha meeting agenda and format. 

No New Business at this time. 

Next Board Meeting: Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 5:30 PM

 Respectfully submitted, Bernadette Prinster


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