Posting Events on the Website


  • Event title short and snappy - this example "Zazenkai: a morning of silent practice" is about max length, longer titles do wrap okay but then there is less room for the description text.
  • Avoid inline formatting of text - keep it as simple as possible so you don't override the size increase - if pasting in content from elsewhere select it and use the ERASER tool to remove inline formatting. Check on HTML view if unsure. 
  • An image about 200px upper left in the description looks good on event list, event detail page, poster
  • Initial description 2-4 paragraphs max
  • Additional details go into HTML view and wrap with <div class="event-details"> more details here </div>
  • check print preview to see if will look good on print - and watch that the footer appears.
Technical back-story: 

There is CSS that applies to a div that appears to only wrap the event description to pump that text up to 1.6em when printed and the event title h1 is also increased in size. This CSS only applies on print - to see if in action do Print Preview (start printing) in your browser. 3 to 4 brief paragraphs fit well on one page when enlarged. If there are more details than then use HTML view to wrap the extra stuff in event-details

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