Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Finance Committee 2014-01-15

Payment Information to New Bookkeeper

Information Needed on checks
  • Date
  • Amount
  • Payee
  • Account Category
  • Notes
  • Transaction #

Automatic payments

  • Marti has list (power, water, trash)
  • often not reconciled until checking statement comes

John Information to New Bookeeper

  • Paypal twice per month transfer and notify
  • Notify of money transfers

Timekeeping for Bookkeeper

  • She fill out W4 for any income tax removed
  • We subtract half social security and medicare from her payment, and we contribute an equal amount
  • We make those payments to government (social security) quarterly
  • Her first check will be a little delayed to get paperwork set up, then we'll pay her every two weeks
  • Spreadsheet to be set up to automatically make money calculations based on hours worked
  • This all will be written up for continuity

Forwards to Lauren now and we can redirect it in the future

Clerk position

Talus will approach individuals by phone this weekend

  • Ideally will deposit on last day of month and on 15th. 
  • Email the bookkeeper on date when make deposit and totals, remarking on any unusual circumstances and details helpful to bookkeeper (for example, fundraiser source, or canadian funds)
  • record in cash log

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