Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Finance 2014-02-19

Present: Marti Bartlett, John Wiley, Linda Mariz, Talus Latona

Welcome to Linda as Finance Clerk

Role and Responsibilities

Little things that don't happen all the time, like Excise Tax, liability insurance, copy to Samish retreat manager, renewal of corporate status, board of non-profits. Talus will create a Finance Calendar. Marti will do excise for this year. Talus will update Treasurer description to indicate treasurer is responsible for items on Finance Calendar.

Timing of deposits. Linda will make deposits weekly. Any mail of unclear destination will go to treasurer.

Dizang's Fields subaccount will be created. Marti will add a column to the cash spreadsheet for Linda to write the Dizang's amount in.

We need a back-up clerk.


Marti finished filing 2013 papers. Top drawer of filing cabinet has folders for deposit slips for Finance Clerk to store, and Talus will add a folder for each of the two primary accounts for 2014.

There was a comment that the dharma hall website includes square footage and who to make check out to.

Dizang's Field

Potential Red Cedar being the seller. Danger of huge bureaucratic obligations like sales tax, non-profit documentation, and department of health.

This ends up feeling like another obligation, especially when long term ongoing. Feeling to keep food separate being complicated into zen.

Question is tabled.

Priest Housing Allowance

Board has asked Finance how much we can increase the priest housing allowance. 2013 final data is ready to be posted.  Marti will upload report. Question is tabled.

Payment of Bookkeeper

Initial payment has been made. Social Security calculation procedure is forthcoming.

Adjourned 18:45.

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