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Rental Agreement

Red Cedar Dharma Hall

Rental / Community Group Use Agreement          DATE of Contract:________________                                       

1. Building                                                        


1021 N. Forest St

Bellingham, WA 98225

Function The Red Cedar Dharma Hall is managed by the Red Cedar Zen Community and is made available for rent solely by groups devoted to mindfulness and compassion. There are two types of hourly/daily rental at Red Cedar Dharma Hall:

  • Regular rental - Regular Renters pay the rental rate as shown in #4, below. Any group that charges admission, registration or class fees must do a regular rental. Regular rental is appropriate for classes, workshops, and other events. Regular Rentals enjoy priority in scheduling and scheduling further in advance.
  • Community Groups - For uses where no fees are collected and organizers and facilitators are volunteer. Community Group leaders collect a donation from all attending participants all of which is given to Red Cedar Zen Community to cover building costs. Community group use is appropriate for meetings and spiritual practice with volunteer coordinators. Community Group reservation is more limited.

2. Management

Address Building Manager, Scott Allen

Red Cedar Zen Community

PO Box 5193

Bellingham, WA 98227-5193


Phone Scott 360 778-3638

3a. Renter or Community Group Responsible Party                    CHECK CORRECT BOX:

Contact Name _________________________________________ Renter ____   

Group Name __________________________________________ Community Group ____

Program Name/Purpose _____________________________________________________

Dates and Times Requested _________________________________________________

Contact Address ____________________________________________________________

Email ________________________________________________

Day Phone ___________________________________________

Eve Phone ___________________________________________

3b. Renter or Community Group Emergency Contact

Contact Name _________________________________________

Relationship to Responsible Party___________________________

Email _____________________________

Day Phone ____________________________  Eve Phone ___________________________


4. Regular Rental: Scheduling and Payment

Use can be reserved by emailing the Building Manager and receiving confirmation that the Hall is available at the desired date/time. A response will be made within one week. Full payment for rentals of $100 and below should then be received at the management address listed above or well labeled in the RCZC Dana Box (mail slot inside lobby) within two weeks of the confirmation and prior to the event. For rentals exceeding $100, a payment of 20% will reserve the space, as long as full payment for each event is received by 2 weeks before the event. The deposit is not refundable but it is transferable if a replacement group can be found. There are currently no policy limits on scheduling, but frequent use or reservation far into the future is subject to review by the Building Manager. Ongoing rentals will be reviewed & renewed at the beginning of each calendar year.

Rates are $25/hr for the whole building, $20/hr for upstairs only.  The whole center all day is $125.

To calculate total rent due, add at least 30 minutes set-up and clean-up time to the duration of your event.
 To be out of the way for another event to set up, most of your participants should be leaving during the first 15 minutes after your event, with leaders and a few participants maybe staying a little longer. Some of a following group can begin to set up immediately at the end of the first event but the bulk of the participants shouldn't arrive until 15 minutes before the event starts; thus the need for the additional 30 minutes or so as part of the total rent due.

Failure to make payment by the due date will result in cancellation of the reservation. The Renter may cancel the event for an 80% refund of full payment up to 7 days before the reservation date, or a full refund up to the reservation date if another group will pay to use the space at that time.

In addition to the 1 hour minimum rental, space can be rented for fractions of an hour. The rate will be proportional and rounded to the nearest dollar.

5. Community Groups: Scheduling and Payment

Before first use a Community Group must be approved by the Building Manager as a compatible user. Community Group use can be scheduled no more than 30 days ahead and ongoing Community Group use can be scheduled for periods of no more than one month at a time. 

Scheduling Example for a Community Group:

On March 1st the Yoga Club requests use of the Hall for their weekly class starting April 1st. After checking with the Building Manager that the time requested is available, they can count on use of the Hall for the month of April. Sometime during April if they wish to continue meeting in May they must contact the Building Manager to ask for a renewal of their use. In many cases a quick confirmation by email or phone is all that is needed and they continue meeting. HOWEVER If a Regular Renter or one of the Dharma Hall Member Groups has in the meantime booked an event in that time slot in May, the Yoga Club may be asked to skip a week or agree to an alternate time.

Community Group payment:

Community Group leaders will provide a convenient way for attendees to make a donation (providing a basket or envelope in a central place) and make the following announcement during every meeting:

Red Cedar Dharma Hall is managed by Red Cedar Zen Community, a small non-profit. Red Cedar Zen has offered community groups like ours use of the Hall with no fees. We ask that each of you make a donation to help. The Hall costs about $3000 / month for rent and utilities and Red Cedar Zen counts on all users to contribute so that the Hall can continue as a resource for mindfulness and compassion in Bellingham.

Collected donations should be placed in one of the envelopes provided in the lobby, labeled (ex: "Donations from Yoga Club 1/31/2015"), and placed in the mail slot in the lobby.

6. Setup and Breakdown

Community Group events need to include a 30 minute buffer before and after their event for arrival and departure, set-up and clean-up of theirs and other scheduled events on that date. When one event ends, most of the participants should be leaving during the first 15 minutes after, with leaders and a few participants maybe staying a little longer. Some of the following group can begin to set up immediately at the end of the first event but the bulk of the participants shouldn't arrive until 15 minutes before the event starts.

Space can be reserved for fractions of an hour over the 1 hour minimum usage requirement. The rate will be proportional and rounded to the nearest dollar. This total usage time should be reflected in the donations by participants.

7. Departure and Cleaning

Following each use, renters and Community users are expected to leave the Dharma Hall in at least as good a condition as it was in at the start of the use. A departure checklist is included as attachment Departure Checklist.  Renters using the hall for 5 hours or more per day shall perform additional general housekeeping of the space they used, following the cleaning checklist in attachment Cleaning Task List. Kitchen and food policy is specified in attachment Kitchen Policy.

On leaving the building please press the lock icon on the door keypad (both downstairs and upstairs doors).

8. Kitchen (downstairs)

Most events using the upstairs space will have no need of the kitchen, but in longer events, if food is served, please follow these guidelines:

This old building has routes for entry by pests.  If we attract them, we then face the dilemma of having to kill.  Please help us by:

  • Avoiding storing of dry food
  • Any food that must be stored should be in hard containers with tight lids
  • Do not leave any food scraps in the building
  • Clean up all crumbs
  • Do not leave leftover food in refrigerators or freezer (or on kitchen shelves, etc.)
Shared Space    Many people use this small kitchen.  We can work together by:
  • Labeling the owner and dating all items placed in the refrigerator (unlabeled items will be discarded).
  • Thoroughly clean the sink and counter when you use them
  • Do not leave dirty items in the sink
  • If the dishwasher is full dirty, run it.  If it is full clean, put items away. (use the magnetic signs to indicate clean/dirty)

9. Shoes

Street shoes are not permitted in the building beyond the entry room. Non-scuffing shoes which are worn only indoors are permitted throughout the building. Individual exemptions to this rule for medical reasons require written notification to the Building Manager.

10. Possessions, Building Modification, and Damage

Groups shall leave no items in the hall after any use without written or electronic permission of the Building Manager.

No modifications shall be made to the building or anything permanently attached to walls without written permission of Building Management.

Entry room bulletin boards are only for events sponsored by Dharma Hall Member Groups or regular renters by permission of the Building Manager. Other information consistent with the mission of the Dharma Hall may be posted on the downstairs bulletin board, providing it is clearly marked with a removal date.

Any damage to the Dharma Hall property caused by the renting group, any contractor or employee of the group, or any person attending the event for which the use was scheduled, shall be repaired to original condition immediately or the repair will be charged to the group responsible.

11. Liability and Insurance

Renters using the Dharma Hall are encouraged, but not required, to obtain General Liability Insurance. In signing this agreement you acknowledge that Red Cedar Zen Community is not providing you with liability insurance or legal protection of any kind. Renters who have liability insurance are  requested to list Red Cedar Zen Community as an “additional insured” party.

All users (Regular Renters and Community Groups) assume all responsibility for personal liability, damage to the Dharma Hall, and conduct of the group members and guests during and/or resulting from the group’s activities.

We agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement including any supplementary agreement [s] attached hereto; to keep and maintain the Dharma Hall property and good name in the condition as found, to maintain the security of the premises and all equipment, furniture, fixtures and valuables, allowing no unauthorized persons [s] to enter or use Dharma Hall property and to remove any property brought into the building when scheduled use is over.

Approved by:

Applicant__________________________________________ Date___________________

Red Cedar Dharma Hall ______________________________ Date___________________

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