Ino Directions

What the Ino does in Sesshin

  1. Order and purchase alter supplies
    • Stick incense form Milwaukee Zen Center (order sheet on back of newsletter)
    • Charcoal and chip incense from Shoyeido 
    • Altar Candles and matches (purchase locally)
  2. Work with the retreat manager on schedule development.
  3. Help the retreat manager assign positions and notify and, when necessary, train people for their role. (Tenken, Doan, Kokyo, Chiden, Doshi, Jiko, Jisha)
    • Develop Tenken schedule
    • Direct Doan and Kokyo to the service scripts
    • Direct the Doshi to the Doshi's chant book located in the doan book
    • Delegate or provide training and/or printed instructions for the Tenken, Doan-ryo, Doshis, Jikos, Jisha, & Chidens.  Share all our great resources.
  4. Set up zendo
  5. Check the environment (thermostat, always have windows open at least a crack, more as needed)
  6. Final check, oversee that all is well (mats, alter, doan-ryo)
  7. Usher people in, help them find and label their seats, answer questions (on 2nd han, move from lobby to entry, sit as 3rd han starts, stay facing forward)
  8. Orientation. See Ino Orientation Directions
  9. Ring big bell for opening Jundo
           first day: "as the teacher passes in front of you, place your hands in gassho"
  10. Get total count for each sit and account for any empty seats
  11. Announce what's happening when not indicated by bells (refer to the Ino's Schedule for each particuar sesshin)
  12. Ring dharma talk bells.  (see notes linked below)
  13. Announce break returns, motivate intense consistent practice at large breaks
  14. Be aware of the zendo.  Identify posture and form issues and make announcements during appropriate times, or contact individuals if necessary.
  15. Respond to messages on the message board.
  16. Lead meals and oryoki.  Have people move from the alter wall to fill in any gaps in seating.   Lead meal chants . At Samish, clack to end "ho" when Doshi approaches dining hall.
    1. Served Oryoki Meal Chant Script for Ino
    2. Red Cedar Partner Form Meal Chant Script for Ino
  17. At tea start, after all served and servers leave and bow, clack to start tea. After seconds and servers leave, lead bow to continue. At end, once everyone finished, clack clack (and tenken should ding ding).
  18. Provide seating chart to Jishas
  19. Assist the teacher with ceremonies


    Ino's Weekly Practice Night Tasks

    Host Wednesday Evening Practice:

    • Set up the Hall for practice: cushions and chairs, doshi’s bowing mat, doan ryo instruments, chant books at the end of the row, and cards under zabutons for dokusan. Check for clean altars and adequate altar supplies.
    • Order or purchase altar supplies as needed.
    • Recruit and confirm doan ryo.
    • Fill in for doan ryo when necessary
    • Inform the Doan Ryo of the evening’s schedule.
    • Announce dokusan, practice discussion, prepare for service and dharma talk, or other practices on the schedule for that night.
    • If new people are present, give brief form instructions.
    • Assist the teacher with special ceremonies
    • Before exiting, have the Sangha straighten up the zendo
    • Make brief and appropriate announcements at the end of the evening.
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