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Thank you letter from Doneter (Donetta)

Saturday, October 29, 2016 2:45 PM | Tim Burnett (Administrator)

October 29, 2016  Email from Doneter Akumu to Tim

(note: previously we had Mercy's younger sister's name as Donneta or Donnetta, but she spells it Doneter. Must be some fluidity to how Luo names are spelled phonetically).

Dear Tim,

Greetings!How is your family doing?

It was  a wonderful moment when we hosted the most good and kind hearted person in the world who has made a great positive impact in our family!I miss that day!For the record you were the first ''Mzungu'' to step foot in our home,we were really honored. 

I must say thank you for educating Mercy who has shown us how education  and  perseverance in life is important for a better future.I am trying my best to follow her foot steps.

Thank you for the 1030 dollars you sent to Mercy for my college fees.This is a dream come true!As you already know Mercy wanted to take me to college this year but she could not make it  because Brian and Titus are fully depending on her.So I had to wait at home praying day and night that somehow I will get to college someday.You and your colleagues/church mates or friends  are God sent.I believe it is a great sacrifice and I promise never to disappoint you.I am now certain that I will join Kenyatta University next year January.

Thank you all and may the God you serve shower you and  your friends  with his endless blessings.For the lady who promised that she will ensure that I will go through my University Education with or without the success of the fundraising,I say thank you and may God bless her.

Thanks  you again and again.

You can contact me through 0703128861.

Yours sincerrely,

Doneter Akumu.


  • Thursday, April 18, 2019 3:59 PM | Jesse Hoare
    This the very funny story I have ever heard. My friend told me about this story then after that I go to book shop and pay his college fee. And I enjoy reading this and tell more friends of mine to read this book.
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  • Sunday, November 17, 2019 1:13 AM | Anonymous
    The execution of the present understudies is appearing to us the refinement between past understudies and this here and now's understudies. In prior years understudies weren't dynamic in every improvement of school and out of school in any case, these days understudies are absolutely exceptional.
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