The Membership Workgroup

The Membership Workgroup responds to questions about membership, welcomes new members, and tracks individuals' membership status as monthly or annual membership donations are received. Working in cooperation with the Finance Workgroup, they keep accurate records of who members are while keeping individuals' membership donations private.  On a monthly basis, they synchronize membership donations received from various sources (as recorded in Money Minder software) with donations expected, and respectfully follow up with members if payments lapse over multiple months. 

The Membership Workgroup plans and coordinates the annual membership drive, which serves to (a) educate non-member practitioners about the  importance and benefits of membership, and (b) encourage members to review their membership details and ensure we have accurate contact information and expressed areas of volunteer interest, as well as to reflect on their current level of donation. Starting January 2019, the annual membership drive is expected to coincide with the calendar new year, as this is a traditional time for reflection and expressing commitment.  

The Membership Workgroup needs and welcomes new volunteers. However, given the sensitive nature of the work, volunteers should themselves be members in good standing, and will be required to sign a Privacy Agreement.

Current Members:

  • Terrill Thompson
  • Desiree Webster
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