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One-Day Sit (for training)

Ino / registrar greet people in lobby
complete registration, find a seat and sit facing middle of room

9:30am zazen

10:00am kinhin  Talus make regular sesshin announcements about following schedule, bathrooms, dana, etc., and then guide people into and out of kinhin, just focus on kinhin form 

10:10am zazen instruction Talus, Nancy on posture mods, Edie

10:40am kinhin  Talus kinhin guidance during kinhin.

10:50am Dharma Talk Talus explain bowing and chanting. Model a prostration. Tim to focus on zazen practice in talk.

11:40am kinhin

11:50am zazen (20 min)

12:10pm service (servers to kitchen) Tim explain as we go. Esp: which way to face, options for prostrations, hands gassho or shashu.  Doan be ready to pause if Tim makes instructions.

12:20 oryoki lunch Tim explain as we go. Talus lead chants as usual.

1:00 break (lunch cleanup)

1:50 Meet in lobby for zendo movement instruction
Edie explain han pattern, entering zendo, holding body (shashu posture as whole body posture, not just hands), have a few people already in zendo to show bowing with your neighbor.

2:00 zazen 

2:30 kinhin

2:40 zazen    ---Posture Adjustment---

3:10 kinhin 

3:20 zazen (20 min) (servers to kitchen)    ---Posture Adjustment if not done---

3:40 tea     Talus explain form: starting/ending together, cup with both hands, seconds form

4:00 break (tea crew's tea & clean up)

4:30 zazen

5:00 service 

5:10 closing discussion  Nancy facilitates with brief opening remarks. Use going around the circle style listening to each person. Go around twice if time (second briefer). 

5:30 close

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