Our Journey Home Campaign Is Complete!

Thank you so much for helping us on our way. Our fundraising campaign ran from September through December 2021, and the response was amazing. As you can see below, we raised far more than our initial goal of $550,000, and thanks to some last minute donations, we even surpassed our stretch goal of $650,000. With this, we are confident that we can create a community dharma hall when we are ready to meet again in person.

We can't wait to see what the future holds, and we hope you will continue to be with us on our path because Our Journey Home is much more than a fundraiser for a building. We are creating a space to hold our three treasures, Buddha, Dharma, and each other. We are dreaming of our present and future impact in the greater Bellingham community. We hope to find a place where we can take refuge, grow our practice and bring it off of the cushion into the lives around us. Thank you for sharing the journey as it unfolds. 

While this specific fundraiser is over, you may always contribute to Red Cedar on the donation page and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates.

  "The moon and sun are eternal travelers;

  even the years wander on. 

  Every day is a journey,

  and the journey itself,


  - Basho

Creating a new home

As we celebrate our 30th year in Bellingham, Red Cedar Zen Community seeks to raise funds to purchase a physical space we can call our home. Red Cedar moved online during the pandemic and expanded our remote offerings, which will continue. Now, we are excited to share our practice in person again. 

Sharing a dharma hall

Our intention is to build a community dharma hall with accessibility, diversity and inclusivity at the forefront of our vision. As with our previous Red Cedar Dharma Hall, this space will be available to other Bellingham community groups.

We hope you'll consider joining us in this exciting, new chapter!


Ensure our dharma and sangha continue to flourish in the greater Bellingham community.

Ways to Give:

  • a three-year pledge payable in monthly or quarterly installments
  • one-time gifts of cash or securities
  • sharing our campaign with your family and friends

Gifts & Pledges Received

Collected: $669,173.00
Goal: $650,000.00
The enthusiasm and support for Our Journey Home has been amazing. As a result, our goal is now $650K.
Will you help us make our dream to offer Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha more widely to the community a reality?

Our Initial Goal

Collected: $669,173.00
Goal: $550,000.00
This is our original capital campaign goal, and look at all the progress, we’re almost there and the campaign continues through the end of the year! Thanks for your help in making a dream become reality.


Red Cedar Zen Community welcomes curiosity. You don't have to know much about it to fall in love with Zen practice. We return home to our true nature as we live this 2,500-year-old way of practicing compassion together.

Since 1991, founder Zoketsu Norman Fischer and guiding teacher Nomon Tim Burnett have supported Red Cedar as we carry on the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi.

We offer daily meditation, dharma talks, wilderness programs andSamish Island retreats. Red Cedar opens its space to meditation groups, and we warmly invite one-on-one support for your life by authentic teachers.

Over the years, many people have shared their journeys with us. We hope the way ahead includes you!

A set of brass ceremonial bowls

Be it never so humble...

Like so many, we gave up our building during Covid and pivoted to meeting online. This has given us space to start the exciting process of looking ahead and dreaming big. But our story really began a long, long time ago (1991) in a land far, far away (unless you are already in Bellingham).

More of our story coming soon. Stay tuned!


Taking refuge in Buddha, Dharma & Sangha, we come home together through accessible offerings, exploring diversity and deepening community.

Calligraphy by Nomon Tim Burnett, three vertical symbols representing Buddha | Awakening, Dharma | Teachings, and Sangha | Community

Our old Forest St homeSay farewell to our old Forest Street home


"Home" brings up different images for each of us. Here is a little more about what we envision:


  • 3,000 sq ft (+) on a single level with room for dedicated zendo

  • Reasonable visibility and accessibility by bus & bike

  • Adequate parking/space available to meet city codes

  • As close to city core as financially feasible

  • Minimum cost and time to renovate (unless price discount compensates for added costs) 

  • Interior walls/upgrade and façade

  • ADA accessible


  • Zoning allows Churches outright (or minimal time/hassle for variance or conditional use)

  • Close to or adjacent to park/green space/urban trails

  • Existing building rather than bare ground

  • Near neighborhood services such as coffee shop/grocery

  • Easily modified and/or flexible spaces

  • Space to share with other groups

  • Limited external noise (traffic, freeway, mfg.)

Want to know more?

Take a closer look at the financial picture, our FAQ page, or the campaign brochure.
Reach out to us at 360-389-3944 or campaign@redcedarzen.org any time.


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