One Day Sit Schedule

6:00am zazen (opening with robe chant, early morning bells, and priest's jundo)

6:25am kinhin

6:35am zazen

7:00am kinhin

7:10am zazen

7:40am service (Heart Sutra, Enmei Jukku, Merging of Difference and Unity)

8:00am oryoki breakfast

8:40am break (breakfast cleanup, two volunteers to kitchen)

9:00am zazen

9:30am work period

9:55am end work

10:00am zazen

10:30am kinhin

10:40am dharma talk

11:30am kinhin

11:40am zazen

12:10pm service (Metta Sutta)

12:20 oryoki lunch

1:00 break

2:00 zazen

2:25 kinhin

2:35 zazen

3:00 kinhin

3:10 zazen

3:30 refuges / close

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Red Cedar Zen Community

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