Practice Meeting 2014-01-11

Practice Committee

11 January 2014

Present: Tim Burnett, Kate Korn-McKenna, Edie Norton, Talus Latona, Bob Penny, Nancy Welch

Check Ins

Female Presence in Zendo

Tim provided a packet summarizing a survey of sanghas across the country with their responses to how they incorporate more of a female presence.

Practice Committee members please keep this in mind and look for opportunities.

Scope includes statues, chanting ancestors, pictures in hall, recruitment of doan-ryo and doshis.

Chanting the ancestors, consideration of merging the male and female lists. Everyday Zen has decided to keep the past lists separate and join them in the present as we have female lineage into the future.

Rohatsu Debrief

Retreat Manager

Retreat manager position rotating. Our technical tools are powerful but require knowledge of how to navigate them. Retreat manager needs to judge when there is critical mass to start assigning. Retreat manager needs to have knowledge to update the retreat manager instructions to refine the organizational knowledge with steps such as which 3 meetings are needed for a retreat, how to link job instructions when contacting assignees.


Every retreat needs a registration deadline before the retreat. Registrar needs to know. In fact that is the date for the meeting to assign jobs. System should allow people to register for the waiting list, not just shut the door, but not just allow them to register. What is our procedure for deciding to allow people after deadline between retreat manager, ino, registrar, tenzo.

Bots were filling up the retreat. Hopefully this has been fixed with the addition of a Capcha.

Needs to be able to keep up and pass on reports to manager.


Posting. What events. Groom the schedules so they don't need to be tweaked routinely. We do need the flexibility to have special events. Some variants between retreats are unnecessary, such as Dharma Talks at 10:30, 10:40, 10:50, 11:00. Standardization among retreats would help from a practice standpoint too.


This person must be someone who is very focused or organized. Maybe re-eaxming

Three oryoki meals is for Rohatsu only. Nice to have the dinner out with discussion at the other retreats.

Discussion of Saltspring which has three different tenzos. Talus argues this is not

Talus volunteer to be Tenzo for one year (except not available Feb 1st).

Practice Period

Opening Ceremony

Kate organizing a practice 6PM on 22nd. Good to have a few people there who have done Jukai.

Opening Retreat

Nancy will be retreat manager in-training with Talus. Two oryoki meals, requires a tenzo, maybe Bob Rose. Small retreat.

Closing Retreat

Talus Tenzo. Nancy retreat manager.

Buddhas Birthday

Easy retreat in spring, April 19th 06:00 to 15:00. Oatmeal breakfast and bag lunch. No registration.

Jisha/Jiko Form

Proposal to have jisha/jiko place behind and right of doshi, instead of going to sit down in the rows. Doshi and jisha enter together. Decision to try always lighting incense together in the lobby. Tenken will then change and not light work candle except when 2nd incense.

Next Meeting

April 26th

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