Practice Committee June 7th

Practice Committee Meeting – June 7, 2014


Teacher Study Group

In order to serve the sangha well, stay connected and develop together as teachers let’s start a monthly study group - an ongoing study, training, and collaboration group for our sangha teachers led by Tim and with all taking a very active role.  All who have been shuso invited.

We will have time to discuss issues that arise from teaching activities and also study together. In addition to conversations and interaction during our meetings, expect readings, written reflections and each of us leading discussions.   

The group will meet monthly, probably on the 2nd or 3rd  Friday of the month from 3pm – 5pm. We will minimize the amount of scheduling/re-scheduling by having a regular meeting with the dates scheduled far in advance. We will probably take one month off in summer and one for winter holidays making 10 meetings/year.

Likely study topics include traditional Zen lineage Dharma (Dogen, essential sutras, etc.) and also dipping into other lineages whose teachings support us in being better teachers and practitioners as well as issues around power relationships, group dynamics, and other issues that arise as we work at Zen teacher with individuals and groups. Over the course of our studies together we will also be able to clarify what seems essential for the community’s students to study.

In support of Teacher Study and being truly connected to each other and the sangha, teachers are encouraged to consider the following attendance guidelines:

Guidelines for Sangha Teachers

·      Regular attendance at the Teacher Training Group meetings – not missing more than 2/year – some flexibility for illness and essential work commitments.

·      Weekly attendance at the zendo –1x/week unless sick or away. Remember that there are 4 meetings/week to choose from. Varying your attendance is helpful to the sangha (e.g. being regular Wednesday evening & coming once in a while to Monday noon)

·      Regular dokusan with Tim – 1x/quarter or more.

·      Attend the October study retreat if at all possible

·      Attend at least one of the other sesshin full time (Practice Period start & end, Samish, new September sesshin w/ Seattle, Rohatsu)

Teaching activities we hope to increase

·      Giving Dharma Talks

·      New mentoring program

·      Periodic Wednesday 6pm study groups

·      Giving Practice Discussion

·      Annual Precepts Study class (and if a student who relates to you does jukai, help Tim with their name, rakusu calligraphy, and jukai ceremony)

·      Funding is available to cover class materials and to pay teachers an honorarium for teaching classes and leading special events.


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