• Check-ins
• Activity proposals (Tim) to muse on

- 1.Gizo Ceremony

Who will do?

Jan Bays wrote a book.

- Memorial for departed sangha members

Memory poles in garden

Priest in Eugene would be a resource, had training in Japan

• Tim gone with family this mid July to Mid August in Europe
• Consider proposal to have a summer practice period, maybe once, allow Terry to be Shuso.
• Integrating membership program into zen ritual. 

Maybe something like cook's Jundo. Without wanting to focus on money and create exclusion. But we've gotten clear that the amount of money doesn't matter. Not like Jukai, which is totally optional, but we do want people to undertake membership. Let all the new people be officially welcomed into community. Discussion of acknowledge existing versus new members only. This makes membership more a part of our mindset. Could do this at each Sangha conversation - send invitations. Also add a member leaving ceremony. Eventually these processes woven into the web information on membership. Consensus to proceed on this.

• Task of checking in with people, to take on additional roles. 

Many people talked to, and many demurred, a few agreements, (and that's okay). Difficult to fill the doan-ryo. How do we fill more roles, or do we reduce roles?

• Points of form announcements drafted. Edie and Talus will help Tim.
• Shantideva study group options:

 - close the study now
 - add March 4
 - Keep going till done

Decision to keep going one chapter at a time until done, after the board meeting on March 11th, So break until March 18th. 

Shantideva schedule:

- 18 March - Bob or Edie chapter 8
- 25 March Chris chapter 9
- 1 April - Tim chapter 10 (dedication)

  • Proposed new two-month rotation of weeks (see agenda).Approved to give it a try.

Needs shusoed talk on 18 March, 8 April
Student (non-shuso maybe way seeking mind 22 April)

• Class postponed to fall
• Workday Saturdays - 4 April (Garden, Chris will make simple lunch.) and 6 June (Samish) 09:30 to 15:00. 
• Written creed or Statement of Faith (System of religious belief) required for 501c3 application.Consensus approval with minor modifications of draft proposed by John.
• Dropping Dokusan response bell agreed.
• Communications policy approved. Tim will provide some binders. Board will choose stewards.
• Tabled: Practice discussion organization. Colored cards by sign in lobby.


Practice Committee Meeting  Feb 21, 2015


* recognizing membership with a ritual (or other ways of integrating membership w/ zendo life) - bit of a brainstorm. Membership is so separate from everything now, good to integrate it more into practice life. We don't mind if regular folks do jukai or not but we do care that they become members.


* follow up on talking to people about helping w/ zendo jobs

Committed students & person who will speak to them: 
Have received jukai:  Edie (self), Chris (self), Tim (self), Nancy (self), John (self), Bob (Tim), Marti (Kate), Terry (John), Karen (Kate), Georgia (Edie). Connie (Nancy)

Committed but not jukai: Kevin (Tim), Matt (Chris), Ken (Chris), Jeff McK (Nancy), Ian (Edie), Dave (Edie), Anne Mickelson (Chris), Hannah (?),


* implementing rotating forms announcements 


* quieter announcements in general: progress? implementation? fine as is?


* Add a Shantideva meeting March 4? continue Shantideva 2-3 more weeks after PP to complete text? (or...stop when the bell rings at the end of PP)


* study theme after PP: Paramitas? (continuing w/ bodhisattva theme)


* implementing new program rotation after Practice Period

Month 1

Week 1: Work Period

Week 2: Dharma Talk by Tim

Week 3: Dharma Talk by another teacher

Week 4: Dharma Talk by Tim

(Week 5: Sangha Conversation)

Month 2

            Week 1: Precepts Ceremony 
                         (or special ceremony like Sejiki in Nov. or Buddha’s Birthday in April)

Week 2: Dharma Talk by another teacher

            Week 3: Dharma Talk by Tim

            Week 4: Student talk

(Week 5: Sangha Conversation)


* Intro to Zen class proposal: Mondays March 23 -April 13th  - who will teach?


* Work Days - need coordinator - April 4th (no Tim or Chris),  June 6th


* 501c3 document we need a "written creed or statement of faith" to include in the application 


* consider dropping the response bell to dokusan


* consider what made this year's practice period so energized and well attended and if there are  elements we want to integrate into future years. 

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