Practice Committee - 05 September 2015

• Expect more and further scheduling from Tim and use of existing structures
• Volunteer needs
  - Mondays coverage, Connie and John can help Edie until there is a new primary person. Maybe a signup sheet like Mon and Fri
• Web work needed
  - forms
  - teacher bios
  - annual calendar
• Mentor program - continue. Most teachers will take 1 or 2
• Practice discussion - working well
  Mt rain has written, we can do one
  should be on website too
  part of orientation
  nicer less ratty cards all printed for up dn
    Connie will look into
  stuff like this works well as a mention in a dharma talk
  Practice discussion forms: enter together,  prostrate together to buddha, turn and bow to each other, (alter is now on long wall of books), sit together
  What does RCW or WAC say about us being mandatory reporters? Chris will look into.
• Forms page - send to Talus (bowing, walk behind not between, slow and quiet)
• Announcements list
  checkbox format and annouce two per week
• Teacher-Study group
  helps for organizing too
  Monday 3-5 works
  See agenda for specific dates
• Practice Period dates
10-13 Mar Closing sessin with Norman
(Mar 5-6 Ruth in Whatcom reads)
30 Jan Opening retreat
27 Jan Open night
13 March Norman will village books
looking like no Shuso
• Groups and meetings
  - Zendo and Programs (plan retreats) not sure when they would meet, maybe huddles before/after regular practice. Maybe focus on scaffold to support job descriptions and mentoring passing from experienced to newer
  - Zen Teacher Study Group monthly
  - Practice Committee 3x/yr (see agenda)
• Intro to Zen Class
  Chris and Talus
  Maybe 6:30-8:00 Mondays in Feb
  Chris will send compiled notes
• Welcome Connie as ino
  Talus will send our ino webpage link to Connie, who will be able to make updates after Tech class
• See agenda for positions
two people cooperating is good
• Annual calendar
  dates into events by a board member
  Building Manager Scott
  Webpage for annual calendar is there
• Agenda for considered additions
  Chris volunteers first Sunday each month 09:00-17:00, brown bag lunch followed by break. Short noon service. No talk. No labor, no registrations. Request people stay all morning or afternoon.
• Workdays - organized by board
• Ceremonies - Seijiki memorial first wed of November
• Standard bi-month rotation - group approval for moving Tim's talks to be grouped
Talus will add rotation to website
• Roles sign-up sheet gets updated by Ino

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