Publicity for Renters

If you rent time at Red Cedar Dharma Hall, Red Cedar Zen Community would like your events to be successful and well attended and we recognize the importance of publicity to this end. Please review the following policies around publicity for your Dharma Hall events. 

What you can do:
  • Post one 8½ x 11" poster may be on the left bulletin board in the lobby. You may also post one poster on the downstairs large bulletin board.
  • Provide one stack of take away ¼ sheet cards on the lobby table and/or in the enclosed literature rack on the outside of the building.
  • Put out sign-up sheets, brochures, and other materials in the lobby or tables during your scheduled events.
What we will do for you:
  • Include a mention of your event in our more-or-less monthly email newsletter Responding Gate which is sent to the 300+ people on the Red Cedar Zen mailing list. Contact the Building Manager to request this.
  • Include your event, if it is ongoing, on Dharma Hall weekly schedules we distribute on ¼ sheet cards and 8½ x 11"  posters.
What you cannot do:
  • Leave sign-up sheets, brochures, or other information (beyond one poster and/or ¼ sheet cards) left out in the lobby at any time other than your scheduled events.
  • Leave materials or supplies anywhere in the Dharma Hall without permission from the Building Manager.
  • Attach posters or any materials to the outside of the building.
What we will not do:
  • Give you access to our mailing list.
  • Send out announcements of your events, or changes, or cancellations to our members.
What we encourage you to do:
  • Build up an email list of people interested in your events
  • Poster in the community about your events
  • List your events on online and print media community calendars (most accept free listings).
  • Keep in contact with people interested in your events in a variety of ways
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