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Samish Island Sesshin: Using the Message Boards

·       Write the name of the person on one side of the note, message inside, fold in half and pin to board.

·       There are message boards in the Dining Hall and the Zendo.

·       Please do not give others their messages.

·       Think whether the message is really necessary. Waiting a bit if not sure.

·       Be sure to sign your note clearly. 

Whom should I ask? What the Sesshin Leaders do:

Retreat Manager – overall sesshin issues, cabin assignments, having to leave the camp unexpectedly, issues with food, issues about the physical space or camp personnel.

Ino – Zendo manager. Issues about practice and zendo life. For temporary schedule changes use the "check out book" instead. 

Jisha – Teacher’s assistant. All issues related to communicating with the teacher and going to dokusan. Note that we have 4 teachers giving dokusan this year and thus 4 different jisha's - be specific.

Registrar – Issues with money. Paying your registration. Dana questions.

Individual Teachers - if you need to see one of the teachers able to give Practice Discussion, contact them directly with a note.

Work Leader – Work period questions. All questions about work, cleaning, dish washing, taking care of the physical space. Announcements or questions of the community which you wish the Work Leader to make during Work Meeting.

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