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Dokusan and Practice Discussion

All participants are invited to see Norman in dokusan by his jisha.

To request a meeting with other teachers please sign up on their sheets (primary dokusan teachers),
or send them a note (additional teachers).

Interview guidelines: all are welcome to sign up to speak with one or two additional teachers (besides Norman)
and a follow up second meeting with a teacher you've seen is fine as well.

DOKUSAN TEACHER SCHEDULE  (two dokusan rooms)

  Mustard door  Purple door
 Day              Morning  Afternoon   Morning Afternoon
 Sat.      -----  Jeff K
   ----- Tim 
 Sun.  Michael  Tim    Tim Jeff K
 Mon.  Michael  Tim    Jeff K
 Tim  Tim    Jeff K
 Jeff K
 Michael  Kate    Tim Jeff K
Thurs.  Kate  Michael    Jeff K
 Fri. (TBD)     

Practice Discussion / Dokusan with additional teachers

Students: you may request with a teacher you already have an established relationship with using the notes system.

Teachers: sign up for a time slot in Norman's room during these times when he's preparing his talk.

  9:20 am 10:10 am


 Day     Doshi 
 Sat. Tim Andrea
 Sun. Flo Andrea
 Mon. Susan
 Tue. Flo
Andr/ Lee
 Weds. Susan Lee N.
 Thurs. Flo Lee N.
 Fri. Susan Lee N.

Note: Norman and his jisha do the early morning zendo opening. The doshi and jiko of the day do the rest of the services and zendo openings.

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