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Samish Sound Engineer


  • set up the sound amplification system
  • record each day's dharma talk (assure teacher presses 'record'
  • during talk, be ready to swoop in with another mike if the one in use fails
  • after talk, recover gear


  • The room is boomy and reverberating. Try for clarity without becoming overpowering.
  • Set up the system the first evening and practice with someone.
  • Make sure the pad is off (not lit rea)
  • Set the treble to mid/noon position and turn up as needed for clarity.
  • Set the bass very low, 9 o'clock position or lower and only turn up for presence if needed
  • Turn the master to about 10 or 11, and then control the speaker's volume with the channel's control
  • Turn the system on and wait until the teacher is ready before turning the volume up.
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