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Samish boxes checklist

Samish Island Zen Sesshin - Materials Coordinator Packing list

 This is the list of the boxes for use when loading vehicles for Samish. For preparation during the weeks ahead, use the  Samish packing list which has detailed contents.

Bring the following items to off-site sesshin. Every box should be labeled with contents. Check each box for correct contents before leaving Dharma Hall or leaving sesshin site. 

To Zendo : Vehicle 1  (full size pickup)

☐ 2 tall partitions (first into vehicle)

Altar tables, 4: 

☐ Main altar table (empty drawer into altar supplies box)

☐ Kobaku Table for main altar (oak, low drawer)

☐ Avalokiteshvara main-alter side-table

☐ Manjushri main-altar side-table

☐ Square tatami mat (goes under main altar table)

☐ Kobaku Table for main altar (oak, low drawer)

☐ 2 lecterns

☐ low folding card table (rectangular) for ordinations (if needed)

To Zendo: Vehicle 2 (trailer)


☐ 20 black zabutons - or more depending on registrars list

☐ 18 black zafus 


To Zendo: Vehicle 3 (small pickup)

☐ Dokusan Altar Table - folding tray table

☐ 2nd Dokusan Altar Table - folding tray table

☐ Practice Discussion Altar Table - folding tray table

☐ Lamps box 1 of 2

☐ Lamps box 2 of 2

☐ Large Bell Box (should have a bunch of padding stuff in it)

☐ Instruments Box (including Wake up bell)

☐ Chant books box

☐ Chant book baskets

☐ Altar Cleaning Box

☐ Altar Supplies Box 

☐ Main Altar Moving Box (leave behind extra small bell, 1 set clackers, votive candle)

☐ Ino’s Files Box (including Doan-ryo notebooks)

☐ Rakusu table box

☐ Office supplies box

☐ Dokusan Box

☐ 2nd Dokusan Box

☐ Practice Discussion Box 

☐ Han

☐ Han supplies box

To Dining Hall : Vehicle 4

☐ Dining Room Altar Box

☐ Dining Hall Altar Table - folding tray trable

☐ Meal Chant Cards

☐ Blankets box

☐ Hygiene box

☐ Dana boxes

☐ Printer

☐ Flower chiden box

To Soku (and nurse's) Cabin: Vehicle 4

☐ Tea box 1 of 2

☐ Tea box 2 of 2

☐ Large Samovar (100 cup, in original cardboard box, Melita stainless steel coffee urn)

☐ Trays Box


□ Han (wooden sounding board) as echo han

Materials which do NOT normally come to off-site sesshin:

■ Mailing Box   Sheets Box   Extra Candles Box   Concrete Dharma Hall Buddha

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