Winter Practice Period 2022 - January 6 through March 10

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Practice Period is a time in which Zen students practice intensively together. Historically, practice period started with the rains retreats of the early Buddhist monks and nuns when they could not travel due to heavy rains. During that time they settled down for more intensive practice. Annual practice periods have been an essential part of Zen practice for a thousand years and and important part of Red Cedar Zen for 20 years.

Although we don't live in monasteries, each winter in the spirit of those in monastic practice, we settle our busy lives in order to intensify our practice. We bring our mindfulness and Dharma practice to the foreground of our lives more than usual.

This year we welcome Seiu Hannah Sullivan as our Shuso (head student) and are delighted to share the opening and closing events of practice period with visiting teacher Sokaku Kathie Fisher.

And we have the opportunity to embrace change. Our main weekly practice night shifts to Thursday evenings and our in-person practice location shifts to the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship (events will continue to be available on Zoom as well).

 Susho Seiu Hannah Sullivan Visiting Teacher Sokaku Kathie Fisher

Practice Period Events

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