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Samish Ino Schedule

Sunday - Beginning of Retreat

4:00 pm arrive, finish registration, settle into room, 
cushions to zendo, help set up

6:50 Ten Minute Han by Tenken
7:00 Orientation - 
8:00 Zazen (with reading of the Sesshin Admonitions by Ino)
8:30 Kinhin
9:00 Refuges - Exit bells by Tenken (who should sit down during 3rd repeat to be ready)

Regular Schedule - Monday & Tuesday

5:30 Zazen - face in (Ino does big bells w/prostrations, announce "please gassho......"; tenken does 3 bells with doshi after jundo)
6:00 Kinhin
6:10 Zazen - face out
6:40 Kinhin
6:50 Zazen
7:15 Service Announce "Prepare for service, pass chant books, Morning A, B, C D, Stand behind cushion for bowing" (check altar, direct the doanryo or fill in as needed), 
7:40 Breakfast, followed by break 

9:10 open one front door, side ventilation
9:20 Zazen (do the 3 small bells to start the period coordinated w/ priest – tenken still outside)
9:50 Kinhin 
10:10 Zazen
10:30 Kinhin (tea person leaves for Norman's tea) Set up chairs for public or assign someone to do it. 
10:40 Dharma Talk  Announce "Dharma Talk" and encourage people to move up. Do stop & rings of med. bell (directions in ino/tenken binder) lectern in place, recorder(s) out.
11:30 Kinhin (15 minutes)
11:45 Zazen
12:05 Service Announce "Prepare for service"  (check altar, direct the doanryo or fill in as needed)
12:20 Lunch (bring clappers for stopping HO and meal chant - see meal chant cards)

1:40 Organizer's Mtg (Retreat Manager, Jisha, Ino, Registrar, Work Leader - dokusan waiting rm) Attend this meeting
2:00 Work meeting (announcements & suggestions about forms)
4:45 End work

5:15 Service Announce - as people arrive they should just stand at their seats for service (check altar, direct the doanryo or fill in as needed)
5:30 Dinner (bring clappers for starting/ending meal, no chanting!)

7:05 reduce ventilation but keep on front door open
7:15 Zazen (do bells to start coordinated with doshi) 
7:45 Kinhin
7:55 Zazen
8:25 Kinhin
8:35 Zazen
8:55 Refuges tenken does exit bells on regular timekeeping bell
9:00 End of day 

Wednesday - Final Day of Sesshin 

(all the same as above until)
1:50 Ten Minute Han 
2:00 Work meeting
4:00 ring dining room railroad bell to signal end camp work and switch to cabin cleaning
4:25 ring dining room railroad bell to signal end of work
4:30 End work 

4:50 Ten Minute Han
5:00 Closing Ceremony 
5:30 Informal Dinner
6:30 Church Clean UP
7:00 Closing circle


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