Changing Your RCZC Group Participation

Please do the following to add or remove yourself from one of the sangha volunteer groups we call workgroups such at the Gardens Workgroup or the Library Workgroup, or if you do or do not want to receive the weekly updates from the Ino for the service positions (tenken, doan, kokyo, etc) you can add or remove yourself from the Zendo Service Positions list.

1) Log in to the website with the email and password we have for you. If you can't remember your password you can reset it easily by following this link. If you aren't sure which email you used for your Red Cedar Zen membership, check your email history for emails from us or contact the membership coordinator:  The Login button is on the upper right corner of the homepage.

2) Click on your name to go to the member profile editor if the login doesn't take you there automatically.

3) Click the "Edit profile" Button to switch the profile into edit mode - you can't see the options for workgroup membership until you do so.

4) Scroll down to the Group participation section and you can check and uncheck to update your involvement in RCZC workgroups. The leaders of those workgroups send update emails to just those currently in that group.

One busy group is the Zendo Service Positions group which is emailed weekly by the Ino updating on needs for our services (bell ringer doan, chant leader kokyo and so on). If "Zendo Service Positions" is checked you will receive those weekly emails.

5) Make any desired changes and click Save at the bottom.

....And while you're here consider uploading a Profile picture too to help sangha members get to know you!

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