4/12/2023 - 

Here are some more rewarding dana volunteer opportunities to consider:

1.  Board members (at large).  Five of our most experienced board members are ending their terms over the next 6 months to 2 years.  All have extended their terms to see the fundraising, zendo purchase, and design through. They have been effective, careful stewards of the sangha treasure and we are so grateful for their dana of service.  There is time to orient new board members over the next months to become familiar with the Board roles and priorities.  Contact Bob Rose, John Wiley or Hannah Sullivan

2.  Volunteer coordinator:  We have not had a volunteer coordinator since Edie resigned the position some years ago.  We are so grateful for her leadership and for mentoring members  in their volunteer roles. Contact Mary Durbrow (for now)

3.  Library volunteers:  While our library remains packed in boxes, we need 2 volunteers to learn the on-line library catalog and our new book lending processes.  When the beautiful day comes that we can unpack our library, we'll be ready!  Contact Mary Durbrow

4.  Zendo construction:  RCZC has hired professionals to design and build the Zendo, and there may be opportunities to help with specific projects like laying flooring, painting, etc.   Stay tuned for  more details as the needs arise.  Contact Talus Latona, Bob Rose or Nomon Tim to get on a future volunteer list

5.  Grant team: a small team of two to three volunteers to maximize our ability to find and apply for grants.  Grants are definitely out there that we may be eligible for.  Contact Mary Durbrow

6. Doanryo Positions: the group of people who have received training to ring bells and lead chants at our in-person and online service. It's easy to learn with great materials showing you each step of the way. Contact the Ino, Raizelah Bayen at ino@redcedarzen.org.

Note: you have access to all Member's contact info by going to the website, logging in, and selecting "Sangha Directory" under the "For Members" top menu item that appears after you log in. Direct link to Sangha Directory.

About our Committees and Workgroups

Under the supervision of the Board of Directors, our volunteer Committees (permanent) and Workgroups (ad hoc) perform most of the actual work of sangha operations.

Because of this, participation by our members is vital - not only to ensure our sangha serves the dharma in the moment, but also to ensure a steady flow of new committee members so that our efforts do not grow stagnant.

Most committees are composed of volunteers who are warmly invited to nominate themselves. Click on each committee name for more information and to volunteer. Note that membership in a few of the listed groups is determined in a more formal way according to traditional steps in Zen training.

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