Committees and Workgroups

Under the supervision of the Board of Directors, the volunteer Committees (permanent) and Workgroups (ad hoc) perform most of the actual work of sangha operations.

Because of this, participation by our members is vital - not only to ensure our sangha serves the dharma in the moment, but also to ensure a steady flow of new committee members to that our efforts do not grow stagnant'

Click on each committee name for more information and to volunteer.

Finance Committee: Advises the Board on all matters financial.

Membership Committee: Tends to the needs of potential, new and exisitng members.

Practice Leaders: Shapes the forms and feelings of our practice and serves as a senior advisory group to the Guiding Teacher.

Website/Technology Committee: Advises the Board on new and existing technologies and assists members on their use.

Wilderness Dharma Program Committee: Maintains and updates the program's series of events each year, and provides leaders for each event.

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