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Membership and Giving

We invite you to practice Dana ….

The custom of Dana or generosity is foundational in Buddhist practice. Dana Paramita is one of Buddhism’s six perfections of bodhisattava practice that helps deepen our liberation from clinging that causes suffering. Dana practice is an expression of our interconnectedness. Dana practice is essential to sustain our Sangha community and to support our guiding teacher and visiting teachers.

Dana, or the act of giving, is the essence of Dana practice, not the ascribed value of what one gives. Participating in Sangha life is a gift in itself. And yet, in today’s world, a reality is that Dana for teachers offsets their time and energy to prepare and teach programs. Dana to the Sangha helps pay the rent and keep the lights on in the Dharma Hall!

Paying our rent for the Red Cedar dharma hall and on-going operational costs are our primary expenses. We provide a small stipend for our guiding teacher, Tim Burnett. Expenses for our sangha life and practice are funded through our annual calendar of events, our membership dues and sub-rents from other groups that rent the hall. Through this combination of methods we continue to support a growing and active dharma community of practitioners, and offer an active slate of events, retreats and various outreach activities in the Bellingham community throughout the year.

You may offer Dana to the sangha or teachers in the following ways:

  1. You can offer Dana to the sangha (Red Cedar Zen Community) anytime via our Donate to Red Cedar page.
  2. During or after an event a basket or box is customarily set out and donations in cash and by check are accepted.
  3. You can offer Dana to teachers anytime via our Donate to a Teacher page.

A note on Membership

Red Cedar Zen Center is a small sanctuary in the heart of downtown Bellingham. We offer the Zen Buddhist tradition in a welcoming, approachable way for all who come through our doors. But wherever you live, whether you can join us in person or not, we welcome your participation through membership. It’s a manifestation of our interconnected life, another way to practice the Dana Paramita.

Kindly support the practice by becoming a member or by supporting us with a donation. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Thank you for your kind contributions and support. Any questions about how we steward Dana for the Sangha can be directed to the Red Cedar Treasurer.

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