How to View the Sangha Directory

The Sangha Directory includes contact information for all Red Cedar Zen Community members. It is only accessible to other members, so in order to access it, you must be a member and you must be logged in. If you are not a member but would like to become one or learn more about membership, please see our Become a Member page.

If you are a member, be sure you are logged in. In the top left corner of this website, you will either see a "Log in" button, or your name. If you see the "Log in" button, click it and follow the prompts to login. For additional help with this step, see the How to login  help page.  

After you are logged in (if you are a member), you will see a "For Members" item in website navigation menu. If you hover on that item, a submenu will appear that includes, among other items, "Sangha Directory".

Screen shot of navigation menu, with 'For Members" selected

Depending on the size of your screen and browser window, the "For Members" item in the navigation menu might be hidden behind a button (see screen shot below). If you don't see "For Members" on your menu, hover over the button to display additional menu items.

Screen shot of navigation menu from a smaller window, with 'For Members' hidden behind a menu button

The Sangha Directory includes each member's name, pronouns, email, and phone number. Members have control over whether to share all of this information. If certain information is left blank for some members, it might be because they've chosen to keep that information private. For more information on privacy settings, see How to View/Edit your Privacy Settings.

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