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The One Who's Not Busy, Samish Island Work Sesshin with Nomon Tim Burnett

  • Sunday, July 29, 2018
  • 4:00 PM (PDT)
  • Wednesday, August 01, 2018
  • 7:00 PM (PDT)
  • Samish Island Campground, 11633 Scott Rd, Bow WA 98232
  • 12


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • Base price. Sliding scale is $80 - $120.
  • Base price. Sliding scale is $70 - $110
  • Base price. Sliding scale is $60-100
  • Base price. Sliding scale is $50-90
  • Base price. Sliding scale is $60-100
A silent 3-day Zen meditation retreat on the topic of busy-ness.

Red Cedar Zen is delighted to announce a new, financially accessible, silent Zen sesshin at Samish Island Campground.

The retreat revolves around the Zen koan:

As Yunyan was sweeping the ground, Daowu said, "Too busy."

Yunyan said, "You should know there's one who isn't busy."

Daowu said, "If so, then there's a second moon."

Yunyan helpd up the broom and said, "Which moon is this?"

Come meet the one who's not busy and gaze up for the second moon when we come together for three days and nights of silent practice of sitting, walking, and work meditation in this beautiful church camp on the water on Samish Island in the Skagit Valley. 

There will be oryoki meals, daily dharma talks by Nomon Tim Burnett, dokusan with Tim, and an extended afternoon work period. 

The three-day sesshin runs from 5pm on Sunday July 29th until 6pm on Wednesday August 1st.

In appreciation of the fuller work period (2-3 hours), and that we'll be doing our own food, our Samish Campground hosts have generously offered to reduce the rate significantly.
Exact Location:
The registration check-in, Zendo, and dining hall will be at the Community of Christ Church at 11507 Scott Rd, Bow, WA 98232 located just before the driveway for the Campground. We will not be using the main camp dining hall or the main camp "CFC" (large barn-like building we use as a zendo at the 8-day retreat). We will be using the main camp for housing and work period only.
Schedule: (full time attendance only)
Sunday - arrive between 4pm and 5pm to set up the zendo and be ready for evening practice starting at 7pm. Note that no dinner will be served, bring a snack as needed. 
Monday - 5am - 9pm silent sesshin day. 3 oryoki meals.
Tuesday - 5am - 9pm silent sesshin day. 3 oryoki meals.
Wednesday - 5am - 5pm sesshin day. Oryoki breakfast and lunch.
      After afternoon work we'll clean up and out at about 7pm. 

Prerequisites & Requirements
To benefit from being at a Samish Sesshin please sign up only if you have done Zen meditation with a community and can commit to silent practice, do your best to follow the entire schedule, and stay on the Samish grounds for the duration.

The retreat includes 3 simple vegetarian meals per day starting with breakfast on Monday. Meals are taking with the oryoki eating bowls. Plan on bringing your own set or purchasing one from Red Cedar Zen.

Housing: Housing is provided with three options:

E-Cabins are recently built multi-room cabins with a bathroom shared by one neighboring room:

E-Cabin, solo room, $80-$120 sliding scale (only 4 available to us, please consider sharing)

E-Cabin, shared room: $70-$110  sliding scale (8 spots available in 4 rooms).

 e-Cabin Exterior

 e-Cabin Interior

Rustic Cabins - simple plywood cabins built in the 1950's. Camp style bathrooms in a separate building. Most rustic housing will be private (not shared), however if couples or friends are willing to share a cabin this can make a difference in accommodating everyone if the sesshin is full.

Rustic cabin, solo room, $60 - $100 sliding scale

 Rustic Cabin, exterior

 Rustic cabin, interior

 - you can bring a tent and camp on the lawn. A lower cost option.

Tent Option: $50 - $90 sliding scale

Notes on fees:
1) Dana (teacher donations) is not included in these fees. Registration fees cover retreat costs with any extra to Red Cedar Zen Community for our ongoing expenses and costs. An opportunity to make teacher donation (dana) will be available at the site.

2) Paying higher on the sliding scale enables us to offer scholarships. In the registration process you first pick your housing and stay length which adds the base fee. Then additional funds may be added on the next screen.

Registration Note:
Until June 1st, registration is open to Members of Red Cedar Zen Community, Seattle Soto Zen, Saltspring Zen Circle and Mountain Rain Zen Community only. Open registration will begin June 1st.

Scholarships are available for all of our events on request. Please contact the registrar.

Samish Island Campground

We have rented the Community of Christ's wonderful camp at the eastern end of Samish Island for over a dozen years for our residential retreats. A wonderful place where sea meets sky.

11633 Scott Rd, Bow WA 98232
Map and Directions

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