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Family Promise Volunteer Training

  • Sunday, September 23, 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (PDT)
  • Garden Street Methodist Church, 1326 N Garden St, Bellingham, WA 98225


  • Please RSVP so Judith knows you are attending this volunteer training for Family Promise.

Registration is closed

A new training has been scheduled for those in RCZC who would like to participate in this project but have not yet done the training.
Join us at this required training in order to participate in the Family Promise Program. Please RSVP or contact Judith directly if you can attend: Sunday, September 23rd from Noon to 1:30pm at Garden Street Methodist Church, 1326 N. Garden Street.

The Family Promise Program is an opportunity for members of RCZC to connect with another faith community while helping families experiencing homelessness regain their independence through supporting shelter, meals and community. Details about the program are available at  familypromisewhatcom.org.

With our board's approval, RCZC has been designated a "Support" congregation, paired with First Congregational Church of Bellingham (one of 13 "Host" congregations).  In this role, we at Red Cedar would help hosting the families at FCCB for one week each quarter (7 consecutive days about 4 times a year).  

The next scheduled host week during which RCZC volunteers will be supporting FCCB in housing families is Sunday, September 30 - Sunday October  7.  

Mark your calendar for subsequent weeks that we will be supporting FCCB in 2019: the weeks of January 6th, April 28th, July 7th, September 29th, and November 3rd.

If you're interested or have questions, please be in touch with Judith @ 360-733-7244 or jkoontz@premier1.net.

1) Family Promise is a program whose mission centers on providing shelter, meals and community to families experiencing homelessness, helping them regain independence.  In Whatcom county, it is part of Interfaith Coalition which is a partnership of diverse faith communities that works to improve the lives of local people in need focusing on housing for families experiencing homelessness.  With our board's approval, RCZC has been designated a support congregation for First Congregational Church of Bellingham.

2) Participating in the program provides not only an opportunity for direct service to families in need but also an opportunity for volunteers to connect with another faith community in Bellingham.  This connection is supported by pairing "Host" and "Support" congregations.  See the website: familypromisewhatcom.org for details.   Note: each congregation hosts about one week a quarter ( 7 consecutive days, Sun pm - Sun am about four times a year)

3) The kinds of volunteer opportunities include:  Dinner preparation - work with head cook in preparing the evening meal;    Dinner and evening hosts - dinner hosts socialize and eat with guests, dinner is informal, parents are responsible for their children, set out snacks, stay until overnight hosts arrive;    Activities - 2-4 volunteers plan and organize special activities and events such as arts and crafts projects for children and families, activities aren't required every night, families may or may not wish to participate;   Overnight hosts - two hosts spend the night at the church, may spend time with guests, help older kids with homework and are available in case of emergency, families are in private spaces by 10 pm lights out by 11pm, set out cold breakfast for guests' early departure in the morning;  Set-up Crew - Sunday afternoon of guests arrival;  Laundry crew - washing linens at the end of the week.

4) Family Promise Volunteer Training program. All volunteers must complete one of the family promise volunteer trainings and fill out an application.  Those at RCZC interested should plan to attend the Family Promise Volunteer Training Program scheduled for Thursday August 16th from 6:00 - 8:00 pm at the First Congregational Church of Bellingham located at 2401 Cornwall.  There is parking behind the church.

5) If you're interested in volunteering or have questions, please be in touch with Judith @ 360-733-7244 or jkoontz@premier1.net.

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