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RCZC Practice Committee Meeting

  • Friday, June 07, 2019
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM (PDT)
  • Dining Room downstairs, Red Cedar Dharma Hall

The Practice Committee works with the guiding teacher to develop and maintain RCZC's practice framework. It consists the core volunteers who put on our programs (Ino, Retreat Manager, Tenzo, Registrar) plus two of our Practice Leaders (senior students who have been shuso). 

Note that the Board of Directors, not the Practice Committee, oversees RCZC's practical operations around finance, long term planning, and legal and official matters.

All members are welcome to visit our every-other-month Practice Committee meetings, please bear in mind that you are entering into an ongoing conversation when you visit and that agendas are usually full. If you have a significant matter to discuss please contact the Guiding Teacher, Nomon Tim Burnett, at tim@redcedarzen.org or 360-223-0687 ahead of the meeting if would like to add an agenda item to the meeting. Sometimes you may be asked to wait for the next meeting.

Current members and access to meeting minutes:

Guiding Teacher - Tim Burnett (coordinator)
Ino - Hannah Sullivan 
Tenzo - Bob Rose 
Retreat Manager - Tuli Candela
Registrar - Judith Koontz
Practice Leader (1) - Chris Burkhart
Practice Leader (2) - open

Contact person: Tim Burnett tim@redcedarzen.org
Minutes available: Minutes - Practice Committee

More information about Red Cedar Zen organizational structure and volunteers are always available on our Volunteers Page - located under "Business" in the menus.

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