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RCZC Board of Directors Meeting

  • Wednesday, August 07, 2019
  • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM (PDT)
  • Red Cedar Dharma Hall


Present: Bob Rose, Tuli Candela, Bernadette Prinster, Chris Patton, Kate McKenna, Hannah Sullivan

Call to order Bob
Minutes approved
Statement from Tim: gratitude

Review: people who do things with dharma scholarship report to board re: their experience. Kate McKenna reports the she and Bob Penny, in their presentation last week, covered the leadership retreat they took. They did an exercise in problem resolution for the group to do together.  
 Kate reported on her retreat time. She felt personally inspired. Content of classes vs culture of Dharma Rain. Kate felt that there was too much content! So many things!~. Wished for a debrief after some of the groups. Great amount of info. We would like to hear more. Can you consider presenting again?(see document) 

Treasurer's Report: (please note: all treasury documents are on line under Finance Workgroup)

The Treasurer presented the first quarter report after bookkeeping system changes. Second quarter report indicates approximately a 3K downturn in income year-to-date off the 2019 budget. Expenses all explainable. The new bookkeeper Ed Wayt noted that he questioned the reliability of some of the figures carried over from the old system, Money Minder so we have to be aware of that and just go forward.  As we go forward with new financial record-keeping Bob suggested that we flag certain budgeted expenses so we can watch variations over time. Bob suggested we look carefully at all income generating programs so we know the income and expense of each. The Board discussed our not being in business for profit and our need to stay responsibly solvent in planning for the future. . A large amount of loss was apparently due to Samish shuttle costs (loss $1155).  Need to clarify how that happened and correct for next year.

*Action item: (Bob) for next year, let’s take a good look at our retreat finances from this year and adjust prices accordingly (for instance, raising the shuttle price)

*Action Item – set board policy for “flagging” and tracking expense/income categories that are at x % variance from budget.  Set % and follow up actions, if necessary.


Finance:For next meeting, suggestion from Bob: what is our financial goal with registration-financed events? How far out of line with budget are we comfortable? Not here to make profit, but don’t want to lose our shirts.  What is a reasonable overhead charge?
We have a variance in the rental info: checks sent in monthly to landlord had been held last year, resulting in confusing budget reporting.  Displayed “negative” in rent category of (29,550.11) reflects this check clearing problem. Insist in new lease negotiations that rent check be promptly deposited
John Wiley is now writing notes immediately after donations.
We have about the same amount in the bank that we have had (+/- $100,000).
Ed is probably moving on in the next few months. He has pledged to orient and train the next contracted. “Anybody could come in now” according to Bernadette. Ed’s work is a huge success.
We can move on ahead with some ease now with the one exception being the membership piece. It’s still in transition. From Terrill: We haven’t had very good compliance (4 emails sent.)28 people are still doing it the old way. 
* Suggestion is to send a letter (snail mail) to people explaining why we’re doing it and how time-consuming it is to do it that way.
Annual appeal will be sent out soon. Discussion ensued on summer sending; is it a time we should wait on (Bob)? Chris opines that a summer send-out worked very well last year, with a 90-95% opening rate.
Presently we are existing in some membership confusion. Bob suggests waiting into September.
Why not do the annual appeal on time (per Chris) with a gentle reminder to get one’s membership together with (Tuli’s suggestion) a link to both Affinopay and Tuli and Chris will be going ahead with the writing of this. To include hyperlinks to both sites; membership and appeal.

We discussed the BIMS meeting coming up August 12.
Saturday AM use is a topic, as well asSunday use: we want more time. Some confusion exists on Sundays. Sangha Mamas 0830. Heartfulness 11:00.
Walk through of building improvements by Bob Rose and Bob Penny.  Total improvements estimated at $60,000. Owner Riaz Monjazeb provided a $20.000 credit for tenant improvements at lease initiation (2006).  If additional $40,000 ($60,000 – 20,000) amortized over 12 years, equals about $300 month. Landlord asserts “underpayment” below fair market rent during past 12 years.  In fact, our investments in his property have effectively added $300/month to the rent we have paid. Note: $15,000 of garden improvements not counted since they are removable to expose existing parking if needed for a future tenant.  

Next meeting August 28. 5PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Hannah Sullivan

Board Secretary

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