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Doan Training

  • Saturday, December 11, 2021
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Bellingham Shambhala Center, 2825 Meridian St #201, Bellingham, WA 98225


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Learn how to ring the bells at our Zen services. 

Red Cedar is offering this training experience to those wishing to join the cohort who regularly perform the Doanryo roles for our sitting periods: the Tenken (time keeper), Doan (bell ringer), and Kokyo (chant leader). 

The offering of this service to the community helps ground our practice in the rhythms and ambiance of our tradition. It is a vital path of giving to the sangha, and we greatly appreciate those who faithfully keep our practice going. 

The cohort generally tries to be available to fill in slots as needed for these roles over a six month period, meaning a few times a month for each person. We try to have enough people in the group so that no one feels stuck with too great a commitment. And yet, the opportunity afforded by offering this service to the community is also a good incentive to keep your practice schedule engaged with Red Cedar.

The in-person training allows participants to fully explore each of the roles in the context of a full zendo setting.  This experience can then inform how one executes the Zoom version of our services. In- person participants will also meet with the Ino on Zoom for sound check tests. If you want to participate but can’t make the in-person training then you can still train with the Ino privately on Zoom. The Ino then acts as support and advisor as each person steps at their own pace into offering this service for individual sitting sessions.

Thank you for your RSVP so we know to expect you.

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