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Practice Period Opening Sesshin

  • Saturday, January 08, 2022
  • 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST)
  • Online on Zoom Only


  • Please use the overall Practice Period registration to register.
  • Please use the overall Practice Period registration to register.

Registration is closed
One Day Sesshin with Shuso Seiu Hannah Sullivan, Guiding Teacher Nomon Tim Burnett, and Visiting Teacher Sokaku Kathie Fisher.

After our Opening Ceremony, Practice Period continues to open with a one day formal Zen Sesshin on Saturday - a formal day for sitting, settling and being deeply together in practice.

At this sesshin the shuso gives her first formal Dharma Talk on the subject of her Wayseeking Mind journey to practice.

Schedule: 7am - 5pm sesshin with buffet breakfast and lunch.

Options: unable to attend the full day?
        Join us for just Shuso Hannah’s Wayseeking Mind Talk at 10:50am

If you are attending the sesshin plan on committing to the full schedule (modified schedules with extra rest due to physical need can be arranged with the Ino). 

Registration: Use the overall  Practice Period Registration to describe your intentions for practice period and register for all of the events you will be attending during Practice Period.

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