One Day Sit

  • Saturday, May 28, 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, 1207 Ellsworth St, Bellingham and Online on Zoom


  • Basic fee to cover our costs at BUF
  • Basic rate to help with sangha overhead
  • Thank you for supporting Red Cedar Zen
  • Thank you for supporting Red Cedar Zen

Registration is closed

One Day Sits are an opportunity for sustained quiet practice together in sangha.The day includes several periods of sitting meditation (zazen), walking meditation (kinhin), a Dharma talk, opportunity for a private interview with the teacher (dokusan), and a question and answer time that’s especially helpful to newer sittings.

Note that our One Day Sits are bit less formal and rigorous than our Zen Sesshin. One Day Sits include more instruction and the opportunity for quiet social connection during the lunch break. 

We hope you’ll join the sangha in a quiet day of sitting at our adopted home for a steady relaxed day of zazen practice. The day of practice will also be available online via Zoom.

Location/Zoom information is available HERE.

The One Day Sit schedule runs from 10am to 4:00pm with bag lunch (eaten together in silence). The full schedule is available here.

For a fuller day of practice: begin with our weekly Saturday morning sit from 7am to 9am including an oatmeal + potluck breakfast.

Registration: Registration is reguired. If you are attending in-person, for the safety of everyone you'll need to follow our COVID protocols.

Costs: There is a nominal charge to cover our organizational costs. As usual, teachers are not compensated for their time - if you are so moved, you can express appreciation by making a donation (dana) here or in the hall.


Dharma Talk and dokusan with Shudo Chris Burkhart.

Zendo guidance and Q&A with Nomon Tim Burnett.     360-389-3444
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