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Opening to Nature Walk: Lake Padden

  • Saturday, September 03, 2022
  • 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Lake Padden, Bellingham


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A mindful twilight walk at Lake Padden

Description: Please join us for this twilight program of mindful walking through the change between day and night around the heavily wooded shores of Lake Padden. Our Opening to Nature series explores the wide variety of connections we have with our world. Every day the drama of nightfall is recreated, and yet we rarely pause to notice the great transition of life at the margins of light. In our engagement with mindfulness as a place-based dharma practice we take deep notice of this world, and it's everyday miracles, and the fall of night is just one of these small celebrations that nature offers to us each day.

This is an easy two and a half mile walk, with a slightly hilly portion, taken at a very contemplative pace, with several stops along the way to feel the unfolding of night, and hear the transition of diurnal sounds. We will gently invite the bell to ring once at each of our stops, to echo across the lake waters, allowing our music to blend with nature's sounds. If we are lucky we may hear the calling of owls, and call back, or hear the final stanzas of birds going to roost.

We will meet at the main entrance parking lot to the park (towards the west end of the lake) where the bathrooms and swimming area are located, not far from the tennis courts.

You will want to bring a headlamp in case we are faced with having lost the light completely. But we will attempt to not turn lights on, and let our eyes slowly adjust to the dark as we walk. Some water and a a little trail snack might be nice to have along as well.

Registration: Please register so we have an idea of how many are coming.

Costs: In the spirit of generosity, we offer this event free of charge so that all who wish may attend. We also invite generosity on the part of participants (who are able) by making a donation to Red Cedar Zen Community to cover our organizational expenses in making this event possible. You can do so while completing the registration form.

In that same spirit, the teachers/leaders are freely giving their time in organizing and leading this event. If you feel moved to, you may express your gratitude with a donation to the teacher/leader on the Donate to a Teacher page.

More information: Please contact Wilderness Programs Coordinator Bob Penny at wilderness@redcedarzen.org with questions and see our Wilderness Dharma Program webpage for an overview of this program.

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