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Upcoming Events at Red Cedar Zen Community

Thursday, February 01, 2024 11:49 AM | Program Administrator (Administrator)

Upcoming Events

2024 Practice Period Events This includes the Shuso's class, Shuso's Way Seeking Mind Talk, Intro to Zen Buddhism, Tea with the Shuso, Closing Sesshin and the Shuso's Dharma Inquiry.

Introduction to Zen Buddhism - Starting Feb 7th, this 4-week online class is taught by Heigaku Talus and Kanho Chris. Only offered once a year.

Reading Dogen - Our weekly reading group with Kanho Chris, where we are currently reading from Dogen's Shobogenzo, "Treasury of the True Dharma Eye."

Monthly Zen Alive! on February 4th, with Nomon Tim Burnett giving our Dharma Talk; drop-in program from 10:00am to noon. If you've never been, these talks are always so lively and engaged with time for Q&A afterwards! Online in the Zoom zendo.

Cedarwood Work Party on Februay 10th.  Our monthly work projects on the Cedarwood Zendo!

Zen Sewing Workshop - For those preparing for jukai or wanting to support someone who is sewing, this is your opportunity to learn from sewing teacher Kanho Chris.

Monthly Zen Alive! on March 3rd.  Please join us to welcome guest teacher Ryushin Andrea Thach from the Berkeley Zen Center.  Ryushin is Dharma Heir of Sojun Mel Weitsman; drop-in program from 10am to noon.

2024 Zen Precepts Studies"True Freedom through Ethical Conduct" - Starting in March and ending in October, this is our annual series of exploration of the precepts.

Wilderness Dharma Program - Registration will begin opening soon for the 12 walks, hikes and annual Mountains and Rivers backpacking retreat that have been planned by our Wilderness Coordinator, Bob Penny. 

One Day Sit: Opening to Joy on April 6th.

Cedarwood Work Party on April 21st.

 The Surangama Sutra class; starting on April 22nd for 6 consecutive Wednesday evenings.

Samish Sesshin 2024, our annual week of silent practice with Zoketsu Norman Fischer, Nomon Tim Burnett and so many Dharma friends is now open for registration for members. Everyone else is welcome to sign up starting on February 15th.

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